Something For The Weekend

13 05 2011

I’m still on a high (and may it live long and prosper) but I think I’ve exhausted my metalist blogging subjects for the moment. Time to break out the tunes, just in time for the weekend.

As you may be aware, I like so many different tunes it’s hard to narrow things down a bit so I thought I’d do a little ready for the weekend feel good tunage for my fellow mentalists out there, hopefully this works as I’m using info from a french Youtube in english but only the mobile version without the ability to preview my post. What could go wrong? Anyway, I think that to start us off, a little something which I enjoy, a little Marina & The Diamonds with Obsessions.

I doubt that put you in the most amazing of party moods but it’s a song I like and why not start things off with that?

So what’s next? Reckon a favourite track of a friend n a track I love, something to ramp things up a fair way. DJ Fresh and Golddust.

Certainly upped the ante a bit there. Ok it doesn’t blend seemlessly with the previous track but that’s not the point.

Next is a track that I fell in love with when I hear it some 15 years ago, call me sentimental but I still say it’s an awesome track indicitive of the era of dance music when anything was possible. N-Trance’s epic Set U Free.

Love it, just plain love it, soooooo many happy memories from that time, so good. Got goose bumps and grins aplenty now.

Time to finish off, hopefully all has gone to plan, and the tunes have been to your liking. Either way I’ll leave you with quite possibly my song for the summer. You remember me posting up the video for Martin Solveigs track Hello, a rather good tune I thought. Well the follow up is here and out soon, and is rather apt for many reasons, not least the fact the video was shot in Stade De France in Paris thus keeping in tune with me being in France (and there’s cheerleaders which I thought might provide a touch more synergy). So it’s Martin Solveig and Ready 2 Go. Enjoy.




One response

14 05 2011

Well at present cant listen as my mobile is not that great-will def have a peek 2moro when online,mind u sleep is not gonna come easily 2 Nite so may plug ear phones into laptop-specially as im sharing my bed with daughter 2 Nite n not hubby (its a wknd thing,the girl thinks that its her turn 2 sleep wi mummy) set u free – top tune reminds me of a friends b day party,must have been a teenager!

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