ID Pleased?

17 05 2011

I’ve been doing this blog for nearly a year now. My, time flies! There’s a little bit of information about me in the About section, however the only visual reference to me is a rather fetching image of Death by Paul Kirkby. Least it was until last night when the face behind NullFuture was unveiled!

Ready? Well this…

It's me!

is me!

Yes it is, I promise. This was not exactly what those who saw it on Twitter were expecting, or those of you reading this who have never seen me before. Strangely enough I do have the gear to replicate the Death image but I didn’t bring it on tour with me.

So, why the fancy getup? Am I afraid of revealing myself as then everyone would know it’s me who’s mental? Unlikely, as most people know that anyway. It’s far more simple than that.

Women aren’t the only ones who have image problems, we men have our own set of problems. For me, I don’t particularly like the way I look, I’m not attractive, I need to lose at least another stone, I could go on and on.

Will I ever show who I am? Possibly, I’m still not convinced of the idea but we’ll see how things go. Maybe when I’ve cleaned myself up tonight after all the hard work I’m doing… yeah, maybe.

Watch this space… no, left a bit… up a bit…. there ya go, don’t move from there… and all may be revealed… again. Perhaps I should unveil a piece at a time although, to be fair, I’d make a crap stripper. Anyway, a bientôt!




3 responses

17 05 2011

Bloody Hell thats twice in one day i thought we were going to see you!

I think we all have our own issues re body image and how we look. I mean lets face it….social networking sights (especially facebook) has a lot to answer for…..we only upload the best of our pictures….not the ones that show us squinting….or hair stuck up…..or taken at the wrong angle….there is a lot pressure to ‘look’ a certain way (never mind having to act a certain way etc etc). The thing is yes you could lose another stone BUT you will only find something else wrong with your self…..Im constantly picking away at myself listing everything thats wrong with my looks etc….i look at pictures when at my thinnest and find things wrong, i look at pictures of me at my heaviest and find things wrong (obviously)

AND ti be honest over confidenence is not really an attractive feature in person…..well in my opinion

ANyway what im saying is that ‘if’ and ‘when’ you do expose yourself, so to speak, then Im sure the result will not be as scary as you think 🙂

17 05 2011

ah, interesting. not being a twit I missed the unveiling last night. so I’m not sure what the context of feeling the need to ‘reveal’ yourself is- is there something literal, or is there a psychological element of feeling you are hiding?

like, we keep hearing what a horrible guy you are (forget your exact word), and that you’re a narcissist, but then it turns out you’re paying an awful lot of attention, and able to actually *relate* to all sorts of people in different ways.

so who is the real you? and not what you look like, the inside bits. (says she who has her own MRI as a facebook image)

17 05 2011

I must admit I don’t know why I feel a desire to show myself, it’s more an impulse thing rather than a thought out proposition. I know several fellow mentalists who are out of the closet as it were and you can see what they look like so I guess it’s one of those things where you think about the stigma and putting yourself out there totally. Perhaps I should write a new post (yes another one) about how my narcissism, and being an asshole, works and people see what it is for me so they can see if I’m justified in what I say.

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