Daedalus’ Folly

20 05 2011

It’s not easy to write like this. General tone and format are easy but actually nailing down thoughts? It’s like trying to catch fish with your hands whilst wearing a pair of novelty foam hands.

Yup, I’ve started my down.

Well a couple of days ago the telltale sputtering of mood began, sort of like the engine giving out on my plane as I achieved apogee on my loop de loop. Then it became a glider. Now it’s become a brick.

Yanno what… I’m kinda glad this has happened. Sounds strange I’ll admit but hey, I’m not well known for my normality.

As the first paragraph said, it’s difficult to convey actual thoughts as they seem to scurry away like roaches when the lights go on. One thing I know I’m feeling is something akin to despair… or confusion… I don’t know, but I know it relates to my travelling as I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. Travelling without a real plan maybe fun but now I’m looking at what next, at where I shall go and then… yeah, it sort of collapses as I juggle several ideas whilst bouncing on a trampoline.

Dear god, many more similies and I might just shoot myself. Producing visual imagery is all wel and good to involve the reader but I’m starting to annoy myself.

I don’t want to return to the UK yet, although I’m starting to think of returning there n doing a little touring n exploring before heading off somewhere more exotic like Japan. There is a very good personal reason for doing this, to avoid the main brunt of the heat in both France n Japan so somewhere north is more my thing. I’ll see how my French adventure goes, as my poor french language skills have not improved by much if at all. We shall see, I’m well equipped for walking so that’s an option too. Or buy a cheap bike n cover some ground that way. Plenty to consider.

Ok, so… if you don’t hear from me for a little while, it’s because I just don’t want to talk or I have nothing to say… or I have something to say I’m just keeping it bottled up. Whatever it is, I’ll be fine.




4 responses

20 05 2011

Nothing worse than the bumpy ride of the come down…so to speak. Like you say a splutter of the engine and then bang the key wont even go in the ignition.

Just take each day as it comes….same with your travels….as long as you’re keeping safe then just go with the flow. Write when you want to write….its hard to put into words sometimes….the thoughts, feelings etc. ANd write for yourself not the reader (well thats what i do anyway)

Take Care…Keep Safe
x x x

20 05 2011
Zoe Smith

Bit short on words myself today. It’s shit isn’t it?

Stay safe, stay in touch, stay you.

Much love


20 05 2011
Zoe Smith

Ok, more words now (emotionally labile- me?!)

I hate, hate, hate the come down so I feel your pain (unlike Lotte who has been flying for ages!).

I’m sorry the heat is getting to you, I know how seemingly innocuous things can really begin to grate. Travelling North sounds like a good plan and I’m very impressed that you are planning on going to Japan. I would love to go to Japan (hey, come to St Andrews on the right day and you might persaude me to up sticks and come with you!).

Actually I don’t have anything intelligent to say, I’ve had wine and my best communication seems to come in 140 characters or less!

I think you’re fab, even if you are a moody bastard.

Stay you

Much love


20 05 2011

Stay safe hunny x x x

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