22 05 2011

Writing has been a way for me to cope for quite a while now. There’s always been things I need to get out of my head and it seems to work when they’re on paper. So, time has come to try and do it properly.

What this means is that I’ve taken the first steps to writing a book about my experiences.

It’s a little surreal for me to be doing this as my writing has always been a more secluded affair but this time I’m going for a full book type thing which will probably end up on Amazon Kindle for a couple of quid if I’m lucky. This does mean that I have a target of somewhere in the region of 80,000 words to write down before it’s considered large enough a tomb by those in the know.

Why am I doing it? Well, it started as just me hitting a bumpy patch and writing what I was thinking as a way to cope with my thoughts at the time but then before I knew it I was over a thousand words and still motoring. The content I was writing was the same stuff I have written about before in my blog, yet this time there’s far more detail and it just seems more… right.

Those who know me well will be dubious about whether or not I’ll reach 8,000 words let alone 80,000 but then I’m wondering the same thing myself. I’m also wondering if I’ll be able to make it worthy of reading rather than being some hints of florid prose surrounded by turgid waters of boredom. Hell, I don’t even know where I’m going with it if I’m honest, I’m just writing and writing until either I give up or run out of things to write.

Part of something to decide is whether I restrict things on here because what’s the point in reading something that’s an expanded repetition of what you may have read here? Now that might get boring, although that depends on how you view these things, some people enjoy delving a little deeper into stories.

My mood continues to be a bit shitty, nowt unusual there but at least I’m coping alright with it and I should be fine. Not much else to relate really. Hmm, ok maybe I’m skipping the writing issue a bit so my main things about it are that I may offend people… yeah ok, never my greatest concern but you never know. Another bit is that I can have a tendancy to repeat myself, something to be avoided otherwise it’s pointless. And finally I may not have the gumption to stick to writing it rather than giving up part way through.

The last part is definately my biggest concern, I’m not renown for being able to stick at things.

How hum, we’ll see how it goes. You never know, in a few months time you may be able to download my book and enjoy. Whether you’d want to is a completely different matter, and paying for it may be expecting a bit too much (hey, I’m unemployed, got to keep myself going somehow). Just need a killer title… oh and another 77,000 words.




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23 05 2011

I think that writing a book is a fantastic idea (as long as you dont beat me to the No1 spot)…..I doubt it will be at all boring and I for sure look forward to reading (i never realised 80,000 words for a book)….as for delving deeper…thats the best bit, otherwise could get a bit boring-which i seriously doubt yours will be. AS for the ‘killer title’ cant think of one for you as of yet. ou have wrote than me…Im still at the planning stage…but i do have a title…(i think)

Re the mood glad you are ‘coping’ with it…hope it picks up a bit soon for you 🙂

Take Care x

25 05 2011
Rachael Black

That’s fabulous! You’re doing what I want to do. Except you’re actually DOING it! What a change a few months bring.
Look froward to all of your writing, and using your new adventures as a basis is a brilliant idea. -claps hands and bows to you-

25 05 2011

Thanks guys 🙂 I’m a few thousand words in so far. Tbh it didn’t start off as a book, was just more of my usual writing, then the words kept coming n so I decided to go for it. Motivation may be hard at times but I just try to keep a word count going and achieve a target. Will keep you posted. Oh, n Rachael, you’re defo right about this being a change from a few months ago, hope it continues lol

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