Book End?

15 06 2011

Ok, this is where I’m at with things right now. I started writing something and then it kinda didn’t stop and then I announced I was writing a book and now… well, it’s kinda stalled.

I can’t say I’m surprised it’s stalled to be honest, this kinda thing happens to me every now and then whenever I try to write anything long. Perhaps this is why my blog posts are relatively short.

Question is, shall I let it simmer and let time pass or should I just call it a day?

Now you may be wondering “What the fuck has this got to do with anything you self obsessed shit?”. The answer to all this is as follows;

1) I notice that I tend to write more, and more poiniantly, when I’m in a low mood.

2) My apathy or inability to stick to a subject seems to depend on the subject matter AND mood.

3) Course I’m self obsessed, I’m a narcissist remember.

I really don’t know why I thought I was writing a book. Ok it was going on for a while but the big question would centre around how pissed off I’d be if it just turned out to be a monumental waste of time because it was, to be blunt, shit.

I rarely write with a plan. I never have a plot, a scheme, a way forward. All I’m doing is what I’ve always done which is try to get the repetitive thoughts out of my head. Is this… I dunno… worthy of a book? Unlikely, I mean this blog reaches some people but not a huge amount. Pretty sure I don’t get anywhere near the amount of hits as I used to (must check the stats out). By just continuing with this blog I’m achieving something which is akin to shouting into the abyss and listening to the echos to prove I’m not alone.

Could I really make a book work? Who would want to pay money to read it? Yes, pay, this aint no pro bono stuff going down, I need to support myself somehow.

Whatever way I look at it, it’s best I let nature take its course as I know the feeling will come back to me at some point. After all, I will get stressed again. I will get depressed again. The tide will always turn and the pen and paper will be there waiting to catch me… I hope.

Watch this space I guess.

Well not this space, a metaphorical space seeing as oh I give up. You get the point.




3 responses

15 06 2011

Leave the pen and paper to one side….come back to it when the feeling arises. You dont have to slog your guts out everyday to have it written and finished by the end of the month. I think us Bi Polars have an all or nothing approach to most, if not everything, we do….so if you can leave the book and not just throw it out the window because your mood has changed…then maybe you can come back to it and it will get finished…..rather than thrown away and then started again in 6 months time.

And Im sure all your readers and followers will buy the book…unless of course we all chip in and just share the book 😉 Plus there’s always advertising get people to plug it on YT, twitter etc…..there is a girl I follow on YT and she had her book published about 3 months ago….sells on Amazon at a hefty price!!…so Im sure you can do it

And as for the blog….it’s your blog so write short posts or long posts! Im sure we’ll keep coming back for more
x x x

17 06 2011

it’s always sounded ‘right’ to me when authors say you have to treat your book writing as a job. for some it means sitting down at 9 and getting up at 1 and spending the afternoon walking the dog. for others it’s sitting down and writing 2500 words before lassie gets her fresh air. but the point is it can’t really be a whim thing.
‘course, I’ve never assessed these methods with reference to the mental state of the relevant authors. plus, this is assuming you want to crank out something that’d be conventionally published, and be part of a ‘process’ (ie, a conveyor line of books).
it’s whatever works for you (and your health)- really!

18 06 2011

One thing I think I can say is this won’t be a ‘normal’ book. I get when writers say about it being a job and about committing to certain goals. I know when I started writing it I was hoping for a minimum of 1000 words a day. Problem for me is that sometimes the muse is in full flow and 3000 words is easy. Sometimes the muse is having a fag break and I can’t write a single word. Guess that’s the hard part about writing about your life, sometimes the subject matter gets in the way. We’ll see how it goes, I won’t waste what I’ve written either way.

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