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15 06 2011

I have ideas, I have lots of idea.

No I don’t, I have LOTS of ideas.

Some ideas are good, some are bad, some are fleeting, some stay with me for a long time. However, one thing they all have in common is that I’ve done nothing about them. And that got me thinking…

As I’ve been unable to follow through on an idea so far, I need some sort of assistance to help guide, and sometimes goad, me into doing stuff. Someone to support me in a variety of ways.

I need a PA.

As much fun as having a personal assistant would be (cue male fantasy of sex with stunning looking PA), I can’t afford one and I don’t think the NHS would pay for one either. Dammit.

In theory I did have a PA, of course her official title was ‘girlfriend’ but lets not get bogged down in such minutae. Unfortunately she had her stuff to deal with, such as going out and earning money, so spending her time wet nursing me wasn’t really on the cards. Great sounding board though, asked questions, even the ones you may think are dumb (usually prefaced by the phrase ‘This may sound stupid but…’) but then if you don’t know then you should ask. A lesson I should learn to be honest.

So, as is the way of ideas, my mind wandered and I thought about creating the MCC. For those of you of such a bent, I do not mean creating the Middlesex Cricket Club because it already exists and I’m not the biggest cricket fan ever either. The MCC, or the Mentalists Creativity Collective (copyright of me), would be a grouping of people who can help those with mental health problems to expand on their creativity. Kinda like having Occupational Therapists more often than on the ward.

Yes, this plays into the idea that mentalists are more creative than those pesky ‘normals’. Whilst this is a possibility in some cases, I think that mentalists have far more fuel for the creative fire.

Yeah, ok, I know that the Mentalists Creativity Collective© may sound a little hippy but hell, so what? Question is, is it a good idea? Having a group of people to bounce ideas off, to help give you ways to cut through the mire? Would you join it? Reckon I could make it work as a website by having a membership system and allow people to post any idea in order for feedback. An understanding would be the intellectual property rights, possibly backed by site copyrights in order to enable legal action against fraudulent behaviour.

Getting quite into this aren’t I? But then that’s the way it usually is with my ideas. I doubt anything will come of it but nothing new there.

I need something like the Mentalists Creativity Collective©

Hmm, PA job anybody? Pay’s crap, so are the hours… and the working conditions.





4 responses

16 06 2011
Rachael Black

Great idea! The problem would be when the Bi-polars get manic and try to take over or become overtly depressed and are too overcome with apathy to participate.
I hate being mental. It has kept many fine ideas from manifesting themselves/

And your idea truly is a good one. But, would it be like herding cats?

BTW would love to take on the job of your PA. Don’t think the US Govt would continue to send my stipend if I were to move to the UK. Even if the ‘work’ paid less than $5,000. US per year. That’s the amount I am allowed to earn and still receive disability payments for my bi-polar condition. Which keeps me from working.

Seems wring. so many genius ideas came from what were then considered madmen,

17 06 2011

yuh, i’ve tried similar creativity/empowerment/etc stuff, but other mentals seem to want to be led- we’ll be “oh, yeah, we can do this and get this resource to help do it” and then I’ll be like “well, Wednesday afternoon’s good for me” and they’ll start up with the bitching to staff, etc, saying “oh how come we don’t have an art therapist to do this?”

don’t want to rain on your parade, just to say that there seem to be an awful lot of people who prefer to piss in the wind rather than to turn around to avoid the splatter (sorry, got carried away mixing metaphors, just that some/most people don’t want to challenge or even celebrate their mentalness)

18 06 2011

Yeah I kinda thought that it might go that way. Perhaps the group idea wouldn’t work. Perhaps a network created by agents so that they can encourage individuals and possibly network them with others should the need arise. Ok, it wouldn’t be quite like that but I hope I’m getting the general idea there

19 06 2011

It could also just turn into a website for mentalists who spend hours coming up with creative and ultimately highly effective ways to kill themselves. With forum topic titles such as, 101 inspirational ways to kill yourself and homework set for example watch the film seven pounds (Will Smith 2008)- Discuss?

Sorry very unhelpful but i my self often use websites to help get through rough patches you would need a bloody good administrator to stop people from using it as a place to discuss inappropriate subjects.

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