Looped Out

19 07 2011

Well hello there again? Did you miss me? Was it terrible without me? Ok, it’s only been a couple of days (more or less) since my last post but you never know in this world. Back to the serious…er stuff though…

My last post Tribal Gathering talked about how we belong to that cracking Mentalists (woohahah, yes I did watch Finding Nemo again) tribe.

Now the main link for those in the tribe is via the interwebbyspace. This allows us to wear our various masks whilst showing the real us behind the visual. If you do a search through the impressive WordPress, the sucky unless you want to have advertising Blogger, or even the random Tumblr (yes, it can be used), you can find items about more or less anything to do with the tribe in it’s various guises. There are literally hundreds of thousands of such entries to peruse (sp?) at your leisure.

Of course, this can lead to problems because due to the sheer number of blogs out there, it’s hard to keep up.

The marvel of technology combined with someone who thought ‘hang on a minute…’ has brought us This Week In Mentalists which invites authors to share a week in the life of blogs they enjoy. It’s a good way of keeping in the loop with posts and with blogs we may not have seen just yet. Sort of like a Film 20whatever for mentalist blogs.

This is where I make a confession. I am an authorised author for TWIM but I’m kinda shying away from doing it at the moment. Why? Because I don’t read that many blogs due to either not being able to or just shying away from many as I don’t think I can handle as many blog posts as there are out there.

It’s a weak arguement I’ll admit, so you know what? C’mon, tell me what I’m missing? Hint towards those blogs you think I should be reading. You may see I have a few on my main site (not available via mobile) and I have one or two up my sleeve, but there’s more out there. I think there is anyway. And you may see me putting it up on TWIM for everyone else to see.

C’mon, I don’t bite… ok, strictly speaking I do but it’s only normally a nibble. And I did have breakfast.




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19 07 2011

First date I can give you to write a TWIM is the second Saturday in August. Plenty of time to discover lots of mentalist bloggy goodness đŸ™‚ (No obligation, by the way; just a suggestion).

There’s a decent-sized blogroll on the TWIM site, and I’d also recommend anyone on my own list. I actually wrote about a few specific favourites in the early hours of this morning (here), though be aware that not all of them are updated that frequently.


19 07 2011

Hmm, tell you what, pencil me in for then, might get it sorted in time lol

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