Hold Music

22 07 2011

I know I’m not blogging like a mad man just yet (possibly because I’m only technically insane), and I haven’t done a music based post for absolutely ages. Reckon it’s time to do such a post so you have something to entertain you whilst I wait for inspiration.


So the first track is going to take us right back into the 60s. No, it’s not a happy go lucky song but it is very chilled so a good way to start.

Like it, like it a lot. So next, I think I’m gonna go with…

Random, yes, good tune, of course. That was DJ Shadows Organ Donor, which kinda shows that this is probably going to be a slightly out there music posting. Course that means I now need to fill the rest of this up with random music but that shouldn’t be terribly hard just yet.

Ok, the hard part will be remembering what tracks I’ve used before but what the hey, onwards!

Which wayshall we go…? I think one of the stranger musical outfits ever to come out since GWAR. Tis the unconventional, to say the least, Slipknot with Duality.

Fun fact for you, the video was shot at a fans parents house. Total damage? $50,000 allegedly.

Normally I only do four tracks in one of these posts but as I’ve already selected the last one, I’m gonna slot another in here.

Florence and the Machine with Cosmic Love… brilliant.

I was going to leave it at that but there’s some music I haven’t heard for ages and have been kicking myself for not uploading it on my phone before I left. Time for Mummford & Sons.

Right, time for the last one, do not adjust your speakers, it is playing, it just has a fade in. I love playing it full volume though, definitely an outro track. Enjoy and see you soon.



3 responses

23 07 2011
Rachael Black

you know what;s really fucked? I HAVE heard all of these in supermarkets and elevators… done the elevator music way of course.
Sad or what????
Great post 😉

25 07 2011

omg rachael – so unfair- aside from Procol harum I’ve never heard these as elevator/hold music. well, i guess mumford & sons falls into the category in the original version 😛 (i like the music but cross they jumped on a bandwagon exploiting the groundwork laid by new/alt folkers from Eliza Carthy and Seth Lakeman to Broken Family Band and Bellowhead)

good, interesting choices. glad to have experienced slipknot finally- they’ve passed me by a bit and glad to have had them shoved in my face.

25 07 2011

I’ve got to ask tho, where on earth did you hear Slipknot as elevator music? Are they a cool place?

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