Time Underlined

28 07 2011

My next post will feature the joys of travel in France, but for this one I thought I’d ask a question that has been bugging me a little.

How do you deal with time?

What I mean by this is that I tend to have difficulty with comprehending the flow of time. If I concentrate then it’s not a problem, but I find myself losing track of minutes, hours, days etc. I lose track of time and so I’m late on a regular basis, and I can also forget what happened this morning.

Ok, these two may not necessarily be connected but I thought I’d link them together just in case.

Anyway, does this happen to you? Do you lose track of time? Do you think it’s more prevalent than in the normal people?

Yeah, I know it’s down to interpretation, however, if you know what I mean then… well… you’ll know what I mean. It’s not easy to explain. The only way I’ve ever been able to express it is as being ‘time loose’, like there’s no real connection between your psyche and the passage of time.

Does that make sense? Or is it just me?




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28 07 2011

yes, yes, yes….I get it, I get exactly what you mean…no, i cant really explain it either. Days run into each other, was this mornings events from today or did it happen yesterday…..what day is it…..what did i eat fro breakfast, i dont think its down to being forgetful…its just, was weetabix for breakfast today or yesterday. I constantly set the alarm on my phone as a reminder for the basic things…ie to start preparing tea, the childs bedtime etc.

So, no its not just you…is it only us mentals this happens to, or does it happen to others…again pass…not got a clue…..we need to ask a non mental! 😉

28 07 2011

Well you know me… I have little concept of time. I do try my best to be conscious but most of the time I am a mess. Was late nearly everyday to most of my jobs when I worked. They kept me on because I was such a bloody hard worker and bright when not depressed. Sometimes I am a day early for an appointment, sometimes I completely forget I have an appointment and don’t even bother looking for a scrap of paper. writing things down seems futile as I keep losing the bits of paper and before you suggest phone I have tried but keep forgetting to put the info in. Memorys are just completely screwed and distorted I know what has happened I just couldn’t tell you when exactly. Shopping is a nightmare. When a bit manic hours blur. It jumps from 4pm-4am in the blink of an eye…. I sometimes think I have early onset dementia..

28 07 2011

Oh and funny you should mention this… my therapist suggested we do a timeline of events in my life… that will be fun and incredibly inaccurate.

29 07 2011

Oh yes. I understand entirely. I suppose the fact that A works normal hours and days keeps me in check a bit, but nevertheless it can be abig issue.

Of course, my (hopefully remitted) propensity for dissociative amnesiac episodes has been known to complicate matters even further!

That said though, I do think it happens to normals too. For example, there’s some science behind the old adage that “time flies when you’re having fun.”

Still, if I had to guess, I’d say that it’s more common among mentals…but I suppose that could be explained by the fact that many of us can’t work, and therefore lack a normal’s usual sense of routine. An entirely speculative hypothesis, though.

29 07 2011

absolutely. whitecoats will cite it as evidence of your psychopathology (“when asked to recall the events leading to her OD, she could not do so”), but as others have said, there are normal people who experience time differently.
There are lots of different types of memory, and consequently individuals can end up with dominance in the way they experience report different versions of non-chronological experiences of ‘time’. it’s been quite cheering recently to discover that what the whitecoats have been saying about me is just a feature of my INTJ personality type, ie, it’s a natural feature. OK, I am mental now, so the normalness of my personality has been squeezed & distorted, and eg, the *way* i build & use memory hasn’t changed but my ability to have an effective memory which means I don’t lose all this time/experiences, certainly has.

29 07 2011
Zoe Smith

I tweet 200 times a day so that I can go back over my tweets and see what I was doing, where and when. I have no sense of time at all and live in a state of constant bewilderment. I only remember what I’ve written down (hence all the tweeting and the comprehensive diaries).

I don’t really remember anything- but I can remember or at least look back over the tweets so I feel like I have some sort of record. It’s weird but it works- I have finally found a tool that helps me keep track of myself.


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