All Changed

19 08 2011

At the time of writing I’m on my way home, properly on my way home that is. And so, as it’s an end to my adventure, time to review things. For this one I’m going to be reviewing this very blog.

The main thing about this blog is that it has wandered somewhat from it’s reason d’etre. Yes it’s been fun and many things have been discussed with my lovely commentors, things which have seen changes in attitude, even slight changes, on both sides. A good thing. However, as I said, this blog has veered into territory I hadn’t originally envisaged.

When I first began to blog, my intention was to begin to explore the whole mental health thing more extensively by conducting research. This went reasonably well to begin with but has tailled right off to the point where I use the blog mostly as a sounding point for random mutterings which inhabit my mind at any one time. I’ll admit to needing such a sounding board as there’s a fair few things I want/have to get out of my system.

Doesn’t stop the questions though.

Doesn’t stop the desire to change things so those who go through similar things, or are destined to enter the mentalist realm, won’t go through a shitty time.

Enough of us go through a poor time to be able to enable those who follow us to cut that corner and get better faster.

Sounding evangelical yet? Although I never lived through those times, I guess we’re in the same phase as the great civil rights revolution which led to the end of segregation. We don’t have our Martin Luther King or Malcolm X so far. But we have had our equivalent to the great Rosa Parks and all the others who stood up to the so called normal way of things.

Ok, I may get a bit of flak for comparing the mentalists movement to the civil rights movement but the answer is in the name.

The civil rights movement.

Civil rights are for the people, to deny these rights to anyone is to deny that they are people.

Equality is for all, not just for those who shout the loudest. No matter race, religion, upbringing, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or disability.

My position in this movement? Knowledge. Knowledge is power, and just like the internet, the spread of knowledge will empower many.

So changes will happen to this blog to help it get back to what it began as.

And I’ll try not to be too militant. Mostly because I keep getting a mental image of militant mentalists keeps making me giggle.




One response

20 08 2011
Zoë Smith

Hahahahaha! Militant mentalists! That just about sums me up really!

I look forward to it.

Zoe (up very early again, have been awake for ages)

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