Musical Sins

24 08 2011

It’s music time! And this time I even have a theme rather than the random collection of tunes.

As you can gues fom the title we’re going to have seven videos, representing in their own way, the deadly sins. Sit back, relax prepare to sin. Be warned that some of the videos may be a little… out there

The first video is about Wrath, from the epic Massive Attack with Angel

So good, just so so good.

Next we are going for… gluttony and I did try to find the proper video to the next tune but you’ll get the idea.

Weird Al Yankovic’s surreal Eat it.

Seems fair to follow this with a song that Weird Al did a version of (which was better than the original) and fulfils the greed part of the set. Puff Daddy with All About The Benjamins

Sloth time and the track of choice is The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

I’ll admit that some of the tunes so far haven’t been wonderful but I’m about to pull it back with something I stumbled on when looking for something to do with Pride. Fortunately I managed to skip U2 and hit upon what I think is a little gem. Syntax – Pride.

Almost there, next one is Envy, which gave me some serious strife as there’s so much crap out there if you type in ‘envy’ to Tube, so I went a little tenuous yet good with the much missed Jem and her Wish I.

Feel free to check out her other stuff, tis worth it.

So here we are, final video and the final sin. Lust.

Whilst listening to our old friends Maximum The Hormone on the ‘Tube, the system did its usual thing and suggested the next tune. So I duly watched it and laughed my ass off. Be warned that it’s J-Pop which can be very sugary sweet and this definitely is, plus the actual content will sum up a lot of Japanese culture I feel.

Welcome to the world of AKB48

Seriously. I’m disturbed.

That’s it for now then, not the best music post I’ve done but hey ho, you win some you lose some. Till next time, try not to have nightmares.



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