Musical Makeup

26 08 2011

Well, this is a follow up to the last music post which I felt was a bit crap tbh. At the moment, I’m killing time before I head off to see my GP for a referral back to the Community Mental Health Team. I suspect they’re gonna be fuck all use again but that’s not the point, lets get on with the tunes.

Let’s start with a bit of Britpop culture redone in a way you may not have heard before

Not bad all in all, lets see what else I can pull out of the bag.

Right, this next one has a dual purpose, one to make me smile a little because the video is out of the ordinary, and two to piss me off a bit because if anyone said to me “Let it go, this too shall pass” I think I’d hit them. Enjoy the video anyway.

I’m pretty sure I’ve put this song up before but that was with the Rube Goldberg machine, and I like the style of the video and the version of the song.

From what the media informs us Brits, being part of the band tends to be a bad thing, however, the last song shows that it can be cool, and this next track is the other time it gets uberkool.

Hell yeah, I just hit you up with Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. Bonus being that you can watch Japanese girls doing their thing without having the niggling feeling you’re watching child porn (yeah you’re not the only one disturbed by the AKB48 video).

This is helping me to distract my mind from everything going on around me. But you know what, as everyone says, I’m fine, we’re all fine, we’re all so fucking fine. In fact, everything is wonderful.

There may be some people who watch that one and feel that they are a bad parent but the thing is that’s one persons experience. The people I know? Good people, good parents.

Right, gonna wap this shit up because distraction isn’t working so wonderfully and whilst I say I’m fine why the fuck would I be willing to go back to the CMHT if I was fine? Fucking fine. Seriously, if you want me to know things aren’t going well, use the word “fine” and I’ll get the hint.

Ok, feel good song for me now. Remember this song from soooooooooo long ago. Brit group A with Lake Tahoe.




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