15 09 2011

Been away from this for a little while for my own reasons so I thought it’s time to fire up the brain cells again and see what I can come up with.

Things haven’t been amazingly good for me recently, although it could be argued that ‘recently’ spans quite a long time. To be fair, things haven’t been good for many people within the mentalists sphere recently what with Zoe Smith, Lotte, and others having tough times. Even mentalists stalwart and a driving force behind This Week in Mentalists as well as her own blog Pandora is having a hard time.

It’s not fun seeing this happen, it’s quite demoralizing to be honest because although we all want change and there is a lot being done to make this happen, we still see things going to shit in a big way. Yes there’s a big cause out there that we support in our own way but it’s one of those things that there are still casualties, life marches on as the campaigning etc stalls against the immense tide.

Not making a huge amount of sense here am I. Ho hum, I apologise but it’s just the way my head is functioning right now.

So where am I going with this? Good question. I think I just wanted to write, to get some semblance of though out there and I didn’t quite think it would suit my book for some reason (although I could do with the inspiration, I’m a bit behind on it).

I have no witicisms to drop, not sarcasm, no real agenda for this other than to try and get the feeling of jumbled thoughts out of my head. Know the feeling? Where you know you wanna do something, wanna say something, but it’s all… I dunno, confused in some way so you try bumbling though in the faint hope that something will jump out and make sense.

Unfortunately I don’t think that it’s working just yet so don’t feel surprised if you feel a little cheated in that I haven’t blazed a literary trail in your mind. Kinda feel like I’ve just backed the van up to your cortex, opened the doors n dumped a load of crap. Thus the title.

:sigh: I know, I know, there’s not a huge amount that I can do to improve people’s lives but I’m at least gonna try. I will continue to be there for all my friends, and I’ll continue to do whatever I can to help out. Chances are that if you are reading this then you are my friend (no I’m not turning hippy on ya, I mean it). Plus I have one or two ideas floating around which may or may not happen.

Fun thing to leave you with is that it’s now under three months till I get to D-Day, till the age that I couldn’t imagine living to, that I was desperate never to reach arrives.

It’s gonna get interesting. Hopefully more interesting than this post has been, next one should be better. Bye for now.




2 responses

15 09 2011

no sarcasm? v. disappointed 😛

16 09 2011

Maybe next time, just for you 🙂

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