Quick Note

22 09 2011

Nothing amazing, just a quick note ,ike the title says.

what do I want to say? I’m not sure

One or two people have expressed concern about me. I don’t know why but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Am I ok? Does it matter? I don’t know. Am I ok? I guess. Just very low. To be expected, just the way moods are. Suicidal thoughts are very strong. Very.

But I can handle it. I can. I. It doesn’t matter. You’d all live without me anyway.

Really noidea why I’m writing this. Jus t dont want people to be worried. No matter what happens I’ll be ok




2 responses

22 09 2011
BiPolarQueen (@BiPolarQueen2)

Take care of yourself. YOU matter.

23 09 2011

We worry because we care. Be kind to yourself, reach out for help (easier said than done and to be honest I dont blame you if you dont either…..from my experiences

You do matter, if you did not we would not be sending you messages and responding to your post.

Be kind to yourself, take 5 minutes at a time, keep safe and take care

charlotte x x x

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