So What’s New?

15 10 2011

Well here’s me, writing the first blog post I’ve done for a little while because, to be honest, I’ve been depressed. No I haven’t been feeling the bipolar low, I’ve actually been getting more and more normal person depressed. But all this is aside and so I’ll get on with other things.

So, what is new? Hmm, I gotta say that not much is new, apart from an unerring sense that some people I know are becoming unbelievably disenchanted with the whole mental health thing, from having a diagnosis to every other nuance that inevitably comes with it. This isn’t me having a go at them, to a degree it’s understandable as I’ve had times when I’ve been pretty damn nasty, downright vicious on occasion if I’m honest. What I am saying is… I dunno, that I don’t like to see it because I’ve been on both sides of it. I’ve been on the receiving end of it both in my upbringing and in work. I’ve also been dishing out to people left right and centre. So no, I’m not having a go, I understand, I just wish it wasn’t so.

What else? To be honest, pretty much everything centres around people struggling with even the minutiae of existence. Don’t ask me why but I just want to help people. This has been around the idea of literally going to peoples houses and just helping them and being there for them. Not entirely practical, I’ll admit. So what can I do?

Umm, well call me crazy but I’ve alluded to something called ‘Null Goes For A Walk’ which probably has made one or two people say “What’s that about?” and others just ignore it (hey, it’s fine). So what is it about? Literally I’m planning on going for a walk. So what eh. Ok, it’s a slightly long walk, from Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh to Cabo Finisterre. Where’s Cabo Finisterre? Umm, it’s the second most western point in Europe, on the coast of Spain. How far is this? I estimate somewhere around 1,600 miles. Why? To be honest it seemed like a good idea at the time to walk about 1,500 miles and so I ended up making the course fit and seeing as the two locations are allegedly significant in celtic culture it looked like a good plan.

So what am I looking to get out of it? Well, I thought I might as well do it for a reason, I’m gonna do it for charity. All I’m doing at the moment is planning and trying to get money together (it aint free people) so I can do it. Course I need to do training because it’s likely I’ll be setting off early next year which means joyous Scottish weather (if I escape snow I’ll be happy) and it’s a bloody long way.

I’ll keep you updated, and also let you know when, where, uploading the route I’ve walked to prove I’m doing it etc.




5 responses

15 10 2011

ooooh, hooray! Sorry, you started with how bad things have been, that sounds a little insensitive. But planning a long walk… excellent!
*eagerly* waiting to hear more; I need to hear your route, etc. I’ve decided to do Winchester to Cathedral (in stages) and the route planning, finding the old routes, etc, is *the best*. And re:funds, walking in Britain will be difficult; perhaps build the funding into your journey with a view to publishing it, or the charity angle? Couchsurfing to the end of the world, or something? Sorry, probably telling you what’s already swilling ’bout your head already…

15 10 2011

Lol it’s ok, but you’re right, looking at publishing after but not sure how that can fund but that’s me. I’ll probably pick up some work of some form and sell some more stuff to fund the rest of the gear I need (bag, boots, tent, sleeping bag) and hopefully get enough to fund the route there. I dunno, as you can tell, funding is my biggest problem.Routing will be fun as I’m gonna do the Pennine Way, Cotswold Way, and Camino de Santiago. I’m really impressed with the OS maps showing routes that I can use to link from one to the other, just have to plot it out. Was tempted to do the E2 trail but it goes to Dover n that means even more distance.

16 10 2011

One thing I will never truly understand about you, Null, is that you’ve been diagnosed as him having NPD. I’ve never got that entirely, but this post entirely underlines why.

Fair play to you mate. I wish you every success in your philanthropic endeavours, and hope to hell that the depressive bullshit will grant you some respite…preferably soon.

Take care

Pan x

16 10 2011

*omit the word ‘him’ in the last comment – I’m typing (badly) from my iPhone*

16 10 2011

To be fair, NPD is a fair amount more complex than people think, I’m sure if I were female then I’d have received a Borderline diagnosis n not just cuz any woman with issues seems to end up with that.I can see I’m going to have to do some explaining at some point but will leave it for now as this isn’t the right place.Anyway, thanks for the support 🙂

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