A New Day

17 10 2011

I’m wanting to try and show a little bit of positivity here because I woke up, like so many do, feeling a bit grumpy for no real reason. With a little bit of tweet love and a few tracks of gently uplifting music I’m feeling a bit better and a little more… focussed? I dunno, so lets lay down some textual love.

Where am I going with this? Ok, if you remember my last post I was despairing a bit over the state of the mentalists union. To be honest this hasn’t really changed overly but then I understand the capricious nature of our variety of conditions and that it takes time. It always takes bloody time.

I did say I was going to do positivity didn’t I. Ok, let’s try again.

Like I said, I still despair about how things are going and I wish with everything I have that I could make a difference, in a good way of course. My walk idea is part of this I guess and I’m glad it’s out in the public domain now. Why? Because if it wasn’t then I could quite easily back out of it, now I’m pretty much committed. More details to follow in another post.

At the moment I’m trying to get some order in my life, this post is helping a little because I want to get back to when I was doing a post every other day. It’s made easier now because I haven’t diverted a huge proportion into writing a book so expect to see more of these posts. Oh yes, the book is written and I’m making inroads into the transcription, at the moment I’m on target but expect things to go tits up here.

What else? I don’t know, I guess I better do more work at getting a job of some form because a) the government gets a little upset if I don’t and b) I need to get some funds somehow (see last post about funding walk).

Lots of desire but I’m still typing here… not exactly getting a lot done now am I. Seriously, I need to find some motivation somewhere *goes to look underneath sofa*. Nope nothing there. Perhaps I need to get myself a little more organised… think it may be time to abuse the whiteboard to get me a list so I can look at it and do stuff. I need this as letting these things float around my head gets confusing and I miss things.

Right, time to stop typing because I’m wasting time and I’m not making the biggest amount of sense ever.




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