Live And Learn

25 10 2011

Ok, I’m gonna wheel out my standard warning here.

Within this post there is reference to what some may call self harm, or otherwise triggering material. If you aren’t in a good place right now, or are generally of a nervous disposition then it may be best if you skip this one.

For those either are hard as nails or are filled with morbid curiosity, let’s continue.

Ok, I’ll be honest, it isn’t anywhere near as gruesome as you may think with an introduction like that but you kinda have to lay it on thick so some people get the idea that things are not what you’d call… normal I guess.

Ok, so this was an experiment rather than a desire to cause myself pain or kill myself so don’t think otherwise. For those of you questioning the validity of publishing the results of the experiment then you don’t have to read on, in fact you probably shouldn’t read on. But anyway, to answer the critics, I’m doing it because I want to, no it probably doesn’t make sense to do so but hey, I’m used to that.

Again, I’d like to say that this was quite weak as experiments go so chillax baby, it’s just an experiment (I’m currently available for commercials to bring in the hip kids, I’m looking at you Esure).

Ok, so equipment was craft scalpel which was more blunt than first assumed which means you shouldn’t assume. Added to that the traditional razor blades, some kitchen roll to clean up mess, a tape measure (science is nothing without measurement people), and a sizeable first aid kit in case things went wrong.

Treating the scalpel with alcohol gel, first incision did nothing more than mark the skin which showed that the scalpel wasn’t sharp enough for the job. However, marking gave me something to work with so measurements were taken and then I began to expand on the work using the razor. Initial incision was gentle due to the risks involved yet was on target for the length of the 4cm line. Slight blood weeping, cleared easily. Pain minimal, barely reaching discomfort level.

Second incision following the line of the first, again, gentle pressure to avoid mistakes. Blood weeping becomes more apparent. Flow of blood is slight but it causes issue for third incision as it begins to prevent clear sight of target. Attempts to clear are fruitless as flow, whilst not anything above minor, is faster than I can clear and then realign on. Pain level higher, only going into discomfort zone.

Experiment abandoned as things aren’t going to work out this way.

Lessons learned. Equipment is an important consideration, I’ve managed to get lucky here, to a degree. Irrigation is essential as otherwise I can’t see what I’m doing. In theory if I irrigate with cold water this will help numb the nerves as well, although pain only reached stinging sensation which may be accounted for by the low level pressure applied.

All in all, I deem this a success as it validates techniques used. By sticking to these techniques, the next variation of the experiment should go better.

Ok, that’s it for now, this has been Science with Null. Toodles




One response

25 10 2011

Null, getting worried.. do you recognise if you dissociate? being able to feel pain (or at least to perceive it as a bad thing) it sounds like you don’t, but this distancing ‘doing research’ sounds like you are starting down the road. Don’t. It’s horrible, and difficult to come back from. I really hope you can come to London.

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