Misogynists Guide To The Biggest Obscenity *Bad Language Contained*

4 11 2011

Yes, I really am going to talk about what is still probably one of the most obscene words in the english language. Why? Well, I think people should talk about it, maybe then it could be used in a rational way.

This is your chance to get out now btw.

Ok, let’s get the word out there in the open so we’re all on the same page and there’s no misunderstanding.


There, I said it. You just read it. Now let’s talk about it.

Now cunt is, in current usage, an obscenity, one which surpasses all other obscenities except, perhaps, the racial ones. So why am I using it? To be honest, I’ve used it in the derogatory manner, rarely, and always towards men, never women. However, I got to thinking that this makes no sense. Why? Ok, let’s do a little defining here.

Cunt – Vagina.

Now, as insults go, it doesn’t make sense. You see, and I’m writing this for men, how is it insulting to call someone something you’d like to have sex with? You’re calling them it because you want to have sex with them? You want to lick them? Hardly insulting is it, at least if you’re saying it to another man. It does suggest a sort of repressed homosexual urge towards the person, which, if it includes violence, does kinda make sense.

Of course you may be male and gay at which point the idea of getting intimate with a womans intimates may not be high on your agenda.

As for calling women cunts, that would be the objectification (yes, a big word, get a woman to help you look it up if you need to) of women geared towards the part of the anatomy men tend to be obsessed with. Whilst this gets away from the homoeroticism of the male application, it does raise questions about the view of women.

Originally this version was applied to prostitutes and has continued to extend to objects of sexual desire, although only really in the US (we’re more liberal here in Europe) it would appear. Now, if a woman is just a cunt, as it were, that means she doesn’t cook or clean or any of those other lovely misogynistic ideals that still pervade.

To be honest, if you feel comfortable objectifying women in this manner then you should probably be seeking help as there’s likely to be greater issues stemming from this in some way.

Well hell you’re a misogynist, of course there’s something wrong with you (which would lead me to question many feminists ideas of a what a mysoginist is but that’s for another time).

So as an insult, cunt makes no sense, seems to be something for people to use because they follow the crowd. Wanna be a sheep? Go to New Zealand, they’ve got loads of them there.

Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t use the word, but the context, as ever, needs to be right. Say, in bed with a woman, dirty talk going on and the words “I’m gonna fuck your cunt” are uttered, this is contextually correct. Ok, it may not win you brownie points and explaining the contextual nature will kill the sexual nature, but hey, some will get off on it because the words are perceptually dirty and fit in with the mental connotation of sex for the partner. Boiled down, it takes all kinds, and it’d be a boring world if it didn’t.

So next time you wish to address someone as cunt, think about whether or not you’d like to have sex with them. If you don’t then the term makes no sense, if you do then it’s not exactly going to improve your chances.




2 responses

4 11 2011

If we hold strictly to cunt‘s suspected etymological roots, then you are quite correct that it makes little sense, and could indeed be considered misogynistic, to use the term as an insult. However, even though I’m a bit of a linguistic snob, I do accept that language is fluid; in that way, for better or worse, cunt has developed into something more than just a reference to female genitalia. In fact, its development in modern language is not completely dissimilar to that of fuck, which has become one of the most versatile words in English (to the extent where it’s now frequently ‘borrowed’ in other languages).

Perhaps I’m justifying the use of the term because I use it so frequently and still find it my favourite word in the whole world, but to me words are about intent – not the words in and of themselves. To that end, people can, of course, use cunt in a misogynistic fashion, but in my experience and observation (which is entirely anecdotal, obviously), that’s not often the case.

Here in Northern Ireland and, I believe, in parts of Scotland, cunt is frequently used as a term of endearment, viz. “augh hello, me ol’ cunt! I haven’t seen you for months! How are you?!” My best friend and I still often address each other in this way, just as we and others in our peer group did at school. I’ve observed this phenomenon in quite a few Norn Iron people I’ve met.

I still don’t entirely ‘get’ why people are so offended by cunt; it seems not to be about its potential reference to the vulva, but more because they’re conditioned not to like it (but of course I could be wrong). Then again, language very rarely has the power to offend me – again, the intent behind a word can, but not the word itself, usually – and anyway, we Irish are well known to be a bit weird 😉

Take care

P x

7 11 2011

I think the negative connotation occurs from the 19th century with some respected people finding such things abhorrent and also the common use to refer to prostitutes (how’s that for objectification?) and the subsequent stigma attached. Another hijacking of a normal word for an insult.

And of course regional differences account for a lot and the positive way it’s seen is coming up, although it may be an intent to shock sensibilities as well, but hey, such is the fun of being young

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