Q And Eh?

6 11 2011

When I first started this blog, part of it was to put myself out there (yes, in an attention seeking way, I’ll admit it if no-one else will), but it was also about education, both mine and others. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it’s lost focus on the latter part. Time to change that… I hope.

Education about mental health is important if we’re ever to find a proper, cohesive approach. Remember, knowledge is power. Knowledge about mental health is power to reduce suffering. Yeah, I know, I’m a little evangelical on this, maybe a little overly hopeful but come on, you’ve got to hope for something.

In theory.

Anyway, the reason I bring all this up is that we all need to discuss things. We need to discuss what scientists are discovering, what doctors believe, what is important to our (and subsequently everyone else’s) care. Why? Because we are the biggest resource science has.

Yes, we are a resource. We know more about our conditions/disorders/diagnosis because whilst doctors and researchers have the qualifications, we live this every second of our lives. We know how it feels, how it works for use. And yes, ok, the doctors/scientists/researchers are clever people (allegedly as you have to wonder about some of them) but one thing I can attest to is how we have people who are at least as smart, if not smarter.

So how do we harness this? Good question, the only thing I can think of is to set up Q&A sessions or to have discussion groups which would dissect topics to out the service user spin on things. The technology is available to make this happen in a variety of ways, although of course the format is open for arrangement for whatever works best.

So, is this a good idea? Should we be doing this? Are we already doing this but I’ve yet to discover where? Let me know, maybe we can take some control back. Just a thought.



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7 11 2011
Rachael Black

Yay! Well, I am in the process of re-building one of my old websites, and can build two sub-domains to the main one I have.
The hosting services provides various tools -and I know how to find and/or re-code- free apps for such a site. To try and help all of us.
God your last post left me in tears 😦
This one helped me, and I agree, and I don’t really want to die deep down. Am just out of options and people to discuss and work out solutions with.

9 11 2011

That sounds pretty cool,, I bow down to your net knowledge oh webmistress 🙂 Not sure what form it should all take but then that’s part of the process I guess. Probably end up with surveys etc, but again, this is down to discussion. Any thoughts on the form?

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