22 11 2011

This is getting fucking ridiculous. Why the hell am I getting so god damn emotional all of a sudden. Again! Jesus Christ, I never used to be this fucking unstable I swear, yeah I had times when things weren’t so great, but this rapid screwing about is getting bloody stupid.

Let’s explore this shall we? Not as if we’ve got anything better to do eh.


So. Time is counting down, my mood is about as stable as, and this one is for Zoe (her site is over to the right), a one legged man on marbles. Why? Wish I knew, just know that things are a little… squiffy right now.

Ahh fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Here’s something to puzzle upon because let’s face it, there’s not been a huge amount of stuff so far.

The age 34, does it hold significance? Well, no, not especially. At least that was until I watched a documentary which reminded me about the life of one of my all time heroes. Senna.  Ayrton Senna in case you were wondering. If you’re into motorsport then it’s well worth a watch as it reveals a lot of what we didn’t know before.

I remember that day, hell, I remember the weekend, first Barrichello (legend) being catapulted into the fence, then Ratzenburger hitting the wall, then race day and Senna. Cried my eyes out when it was announced he was dead and it would be fair to say that around that age, I didn’t cry much, if at all.

So, did this event affect me as deeply enough to affect my psyche and create this whole not reaching 35 thing? Bloody good question. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) I’m not well versed in psychology so I can’t think of why or if it can do so.

That’s about it, something to think about should anyone desire to do so.




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25 11 2011

hey null i don’t do twittering, so just checking in. it really sucks that they aren’t *hearing* you. with such a clear view of what’s likely to be happening, the fact you’ve not been admitted (whether you think you want that or not) is fucking ridiculous.
good luck!

25 11 2011

Well, according to a friend who is doing some work to chase up things, my GP is surprised I wasn’t admitted whether I wanted to or not, she was also bemused as to why she hadn’t been informed of my 136. Hey ho, good to hear from you 🙂

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