Crisis In Crisis: The Second Coming (And Going)

28 11 2011

As Minds campaign is significant and I’m having more contact with Crisis, I thought we could look at things regarding Crisis once more. Nothing like keeping things fresh in the mind.Crisis is so much fun to play with because there is one minor thing that taints things. It’s seemingly pointless.

What do I mean? Well, what is it Crisis does? Seriously, I want to know because my recent involvement with them makes me wonder.

Ok, because friends of mine are determined to stop me doing what I’m determined to do, today (being Sunday) I was taken to A&E to be seen by Crisis as that’s what Crisis said over the phone to one friend to do. Why did I go? Because I don’t want my friends thinking they didn’t do all they could’ve, don’t want the guilt to be spread like that.

Right, the theoretical purpose, as far as I can tell, of the Crisis thing is sort of an assessment, much like the assessment nurse in A&E. Damn good idea if I’m honest, gets you seen relatively quickly, saves money as you don’t have to employ more doctors to do the job. There’s just a little problem here, aside from assigning you for the attention of a doctor, what on earth can they do? From my own experience, they’re very ineffectual, lacking knowledge, and, yeah, just makes you wonder.

It seems as if these people are there to make up the numbers, tick boxes, say things like “Oh, you’re still alive, that’s good”. Yes, I may be missing the point but it does seem to be that there’s very little point to these ill-informed dogsbodies.

It’s here that a huge amount of difference could be made, better education, clarification of role, possibly even a restructuring of the system as it stands. Can’t say how right now but it’s seeming to be the best way forward.

Also, it shouldn’t take so long for things to happen, it really shouldn’t, although I think this maybe down to waiting for ages and being so poorly treated. My time may not be worth much but I couldn’t help feeling that it was being wasted.

Ho hum, hopefully Minds campaign will make a difference, and this will probably not be the final installment as I’m allegedly going to be seen by the Crazy Catchers, although I’ve yet to hear from them (and it’s half 1 Monday afternoon) and, according to the person seen yesterday, I don’t have a mental illness (yes, I have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and, so I say, Bipolar 2), so hell, I’m cured and everybody’s worrying about nothing.




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