Medication Time

19 12 2011

Medication time.

Just imagine the lights dimming and brightening as the government sanctioned colour walls embrace you. Of course everyone has their own brand of medication and mine is, for today at least, of the Bordeaux variety.<br><br>Yes dear friends, I am keeping mean ol’ nasty thoughts at bay with a lovely 75cl dose of Bordeaux. This, for now anyway, is most definitely a good thing because it stops the bad thoughts… or at least me giving a shit what the bad thoughts are.<br><br>This isn’t the most politically correct way of doing things I’ll admit, I mean my money not going to the big corporations who pay everyone to believe that the recycled trash they peddle is the best thing ever? How’s that ever going to catch on?<br><br>Muahahahahahaha! Yeah, harsh but fair people, harsh but fair.<br><br>Drunk blogging, the best idea ever? Probably not but what they hell, I’m rolling n gathering moss.<br><br>What’s the point of this blathering on? Well, that’s the thing about medication for psychiatric disorders, they are comparable to alcohol in a very strange way. Or maybe not so strange.<br><br>I wonder how much meds actual cost. How much, without the benefit of medical insurance or the NHS, does something like AstraZenicas Quetiapine (my antipsychotic of choice) cost? Is it comparable to a good bottle of preferred alcohol? I mean let’s face it, the side effects of being drunk are a little less problematic than being on whatever is deemed by the doctors to possibly be the right cocktail of meds.<br><br>Side effects? That what’s concerning you? Well next time you pick up your script, read the list of side effects and then look at what alcohol can cause. Which is the better devil to appease? Yeah, neither is a cure and anyone thinking so should just go buy this bridge I’ve got for sale, seriously, it’s awesome, just bring all your money. In cash of course.<br><br>I’m not seriously pushing for alcohol to be used in the treatment of psychiatric conditions, but it’d certainly make life a bit more awesome if I could get my preferred tipple on prescription. Cheaper too. You know it makes sense




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