Happy Families

26 12 2011

That’s one game I struggle to play. As such it’s not been the greatest weekend for me, just try to ignore things and keep myself to myself. I don’t begrudge people for enjoying this time but I either can’t or don’t wish to.

So what am I going to write about? Well, I thought I’d try to take my mind off things by dropping some tunes and some thoughts. Feel free not to join in if you don’t wish to.

Like this song, although there seems to be confusion over whether her last name is spelt Grey or Gray. Oh well, it’s not essential (although polite).

What I think about when I listen to it is that so many people feel invisible. Perhaps it’s one of those things where people are ignored because it doesn’t fit into the world view of others and so it’s easier to cover over the issues that happen. Is it hard to imagine, whilst this song is playing, that we just cope with the veneer of what we wish to see because to see anything else would shatter the fragile glass of a faux reality and the shit in the world is brought home.

Next, what do we have…

Yeah, a fan video but cool.

It’s pretty hard to express feelings like this because, let’s face it, getting shot down hurts. Maybe we should all be a little more understanding and accepting because hell, there are people out there who feel socially inept enough that understanding nuances is difficult. Life would be easier with the unsubtle yet heartfelt homemade sign.

See, lacking empathy makes life difficult in ways that you wouldn’t think, but such is life.

Hmm, thinking now, I know where I want to go with this but I have to do a little searching to find something appropriate.


Can’t say I remember this song from the film but I like the tie-in anyway.

Why is this relevant? To be honest the song isn’t, but the film is. Welcome to my world. This is the situation I believe I’m in and I can’t shake the feeling that people are watching how I react to situations for their own entertainment. No idea what’s so interesting about me, about how I act, but then the world is a strange place at the best of times. Sounds strange to some but that’s how things are.

*sigh* It’s all a bit low key at the moment, maybe I should kick things up a notch.

Ok, not up a big notch but the song is appropriate to the situation. This one was found by @roseyleeee after someone gifted her the album. In her words, and I don’t think she’ll mind me repeating them, bipolar is not a hobby. Course if it was a hobby then you’d be forgiven for wondering what kinda person would do it, certainly not train spotters. But hey, people deal with somebody’s diagnoses in their own way.

*sigh* Ho hum, the days roll by and we’re still here. Some may not be terribly pleased with this but then hey, everyone’s got their own cross to bear. Let’s round this one off shall we?

Yup, it’s a good song if only because drunk people try to sing it at kareoke/singstar. Speaking of which, hopefully I’ll be getting drunk… again because sobriety wears out my sense of humour way too quickly. Especially at the moment. Whatever, have fun, whatever you’re doing.




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