Socially Screwed?

30 12 2011

I will be the first to admit that I have not the best time when interacting with people, social situations can be awkward for me. Am I alone in this? Well, assuming my postulation that I have Bipolar II is correct then it would appear not.

Having briefly scanned this document it would appear that there is a scientific basis for difficulties in social interaction expressed by those with Bipolar. Ok, I haven’t read the whole text but it does seem to point that way from the abstract.

Kinda obvious really, at least to many of us who misconstrued many a social cue especially when young, as in early teens. Can we really be blamed for getting into, for delicacys sake, inadvisable situations? Add in the joys of spontaneous decisions made for no rational reason, then a great dollop of teenage angst/awkwardness, allow to simmer till either it’s got issues or till it explodes and there you have it. Us.

Yeah, it’s possibly a generalisation about those with bipolar and I think that along with being mistaken for a variety of other diagnoses, it depends on the environment they are brought up in. This isn’t to suggest that those with bipolar have a personality disorder (it may mean they are more prone but one doesn’t necessarily follow t’other) however if you are shielded from the harsher parts of reaction to misreading the social situation then it will help.

The more you are cared for in these situations then, at least in theory, you are less likely to endure personality disorder, maybe having only personality issues or no problems at all.

What use is this knowledge and how serious/pervasive is the issue? Good questions, ones I don’t have the answer to. What I can guess at is that it could lead to some pretty bad consequences as, like I said earlier, people get themselves into inadvisable situations doing harm to either them or others. Or both.

I guess the knowledge is useful in so much as understanding the repercussions of the disorder. From that we might see a better understanding of what may occur during situations, for legal and treatment purposes. Perhaps it’ll point towards a more rounded diagnostic system.

Who knows.

With all that said and done, guess times like christmas and new years can be very bad times for the mentals because we have difficulty in social situations. Or we’re all just anxious as hell. Or we can’t bear the levels of happiness levelled at us when that’s the last thing we feel.




2 responses

30 12 2011

You just described me… My main problem is known as hypersexuality, and was that ever a problem when I was a teen (late 60’s – early 70’s), the rest of my life fared even worse. Bad things. I was finally diagnosed properly at the beginning of ’02. Yeah, that long. Now I’m on Lamictal and Wellbutrin generics (VA), and life is SO much better. Except for dating…

2 01 2012

Dating’s always awkward 😉

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