L’Hermitage De Vie

8 01 2012

I like being online. Being online allows me a degree of freedom that I don’t enjoy in real life. I also have more friends online than I do in real life. Not hard when you can count all my friends in real life on one hand even if you’ve lost a finger or two.

Sounds just as pathetic as it is. Don’t get me wrong, my real life friends are epic in their awesomeness, but they are very few in numbers. I’d do pretty much anything for them, just the kinda person I am (desperate to seem awesome so they keep liking me but that’s beside the point).

So yeah, I prefer online life. I’m more free, more confident, I’m just as weird as I am in real life. The number of people who know what I look like is very low which suits me as I look like shit (cue people saying ‘You look alright’ etc, just the platitudes I need to validate my opinion). More people know what I sound like than what I look like thanks to my YouTube video (I should’ve done more by now, I know), and for the record I think my voice sounds extrememly boring. I’ve heard it on playback so yeah, dull n boring.

Online what matters is my brain, possibly the only thing I like about myself, especially when I surprise people with what I say. Yeah I’m very flirty, very weird, sometimes I get deeper than the Laurentian Abyss. It’s all a way to be more me.

There are, however, a few downsides to all this. If I do flirt with you then I don’t expect it to go anywhere. I’m not flirting just for the hell of it, there is an attraction, but you’re way out of my league. Seriously, I would but you definitely wouldn’t.

I was going to say that if I could conduct my life online I’d be better off but then I’d miss my awesome real life friends. So for now I’ll be content with limiting my level of real world interaction to about ten hours a week. For now at least, when my mood takes an upswing I may end up visiting EVERYONE!

You have been warned.




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