11 01 2012

fue pegado. Which means (according to Babelfish) ‘And with that it was beaten’. Today, things went badly for the government as the Welfare Reform Bill was debated in the House Of Lords. As such, the Lords voted, sometimes with a sizable majority, to introduce amendments to hopefully lessen the effect on the most vulnerable.

It was strange watching the coverage of the debating and made me wonder what was going on in the minds of those in favour of the WRB in its current state. Why? Because they were stating that we don’t have the money to support everyone, that the terminally ill could live longer than the powers that be expected, that the country doesn’t have the money to continue as things are.

Problem though, we have the money because if we don’t then we owe someone a lot of wishes and unicorn kisses.

Yes, everyone agrees that we must economise in order to reduce the deficit, the issue lies with how far you’re willing to go. What people have been campaigning for is not a rise in the amount they receive in benefits but that they can, in fact, receive those benefits for as long as is necessary.

Am I on benefits? Yes, indeed I am, Jobseekers Allowance (contributions based). However, I may end up getting moved onto Employment and Support Allowance because I’m struggling to even consider work let alone do anything about it. The JobCentre have been awesome, they haven’t pushed things because of my state at this time but I feel that I might be better served by ESA in order to get me back to work because, strange as it seems, I want to work, I just don’t have the skills to contemplate it. A bit frustrating to say the least.

So for now I will bide my time and try to get things rolling a little faster with regards to my CMHTs actions, and then I have a meeting booked with my JobCentre advisor which should be fun as we haven’t spoken at all since I walked out of an interview with her and she called the police who promptly took me in on a Section 136.

Not looking forward to that.

Worst case of being on ESA is that I may receive no increase in money. To be honest, this isn’t a great loss at the moment, I’m surviving ok on what I get at the moment. The main thing I want to find out is whether or not the support is different, because left to my own devices I’m struggling like hell. As part of my frustrations are done by not being able to fund what I want to do in order to get a piece of myself back then any extra will actually help in being therapeutic. Of course there’s a lot I don’t know about ESA and what it encompasses but I’d like to find out in order to figure something out. The reason for this is because I’m listless at the moment, I struggle to think about what to do tomorrow, what future there could possibly be. I have nothing to live for and as long as that continues I will keep on with suicide ideation and some actions such as the self harm which is actually a way of me pushing my limits till I can finish off the job.

We’ll see how things go I guess.




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13 01 2012
the urban worrier

thanks for this post- i wasn’t aware of wassup with the wrb. fingers crossed for you; you aren’t getting the help you need, but hopefully the dwp having had to intervene in your health will see a push in the right direction when the time comes…

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