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19 01 2012

When you have a blog with WordPress, you get a load of statistics which you can analyse to see how things are going and what’s driving people to your blog. The point is that you can tailor your posts etc to help improve popularity. Sometimes it can ask more questions than it answers.

Now, should you enter the name ‘NullFuture’ into a search engine of your choice, this blog will be well represented on the first page, this is what some people do, which is fair enough.

Beyond that, things get  alright because a fair amount of searches arrive here being based on Bipolar. None of these search terms strike me as out of the ordinary, just the usual kind of things you’d expect from those who have it. Of course I wish things could be as simple when it comes to my other personal favourite personality disorder. Seems people get pissed when you’re a narcissist, for example;

narcissistic personality disorder revenge
i have narcissism and i want to kill myself
narcissists and revenge
how to revenge people with narcissistic personality disorder
bipolar 2 and npd
confessions of a narcissist
narcissists and polygraphs
narcissists future
narcissism how to revenge over how to make a narcissist do something

Seems people want to get revenge on people like me. I understand to a degree but then my advice would be – don’t. I don’t say this to protect narcissists out there but because, in the main, it’s better just to get the hell out of there and not look back. Unless you’re prepared for a lot of work, and quite possibly a bit of a war, run away and write it off.

The poly search made me smile, it makes sense because you need control over emotion in order to fool a lie detector and narcissists can do that. Actually, no, it’s way more complex than that but thanks for playing.

Just to make you laugh, because it makes me laugh, I get these searches;

fuckoff world
fuck off nullfuture
is there a machine that can make pom poms
will there be any new diagnosis murder
“fuck off, world”
proud workshy
crisys second coming
“is there a future?” yes i’m coming
psychs have no sense of humor
psychiatrists are cunts
is there a need for psychiatrists
creative accounting idea
why psychiatrists have no sense of humour
why am i so work shy

Seems narcissists are about as popular as psychiatrists then. My favourite search term is ‘fuck off world’ but that’s just me. Think for the person looking for creative accounting ideas, well if you’re googling it and looking at my site, you’re in way over your head. Oh n even I’m thinking “How the hell did someone searching ‘crisys second coming’ get to my blog?”.

Course there a few search terms which do strike a chord and can make you sit back and wonder if what you write made any difference:

no way out of mental torure
i have narcissism and i want to kill myself
if i pray to die why am i still alive
work terrifies me
whats so interesting about me
too much of a whimp to kill myself

Makes you wonder.



4 responses

19 01 2012

i actually read it as people searching for narcissists wanting revenge rather than people taking revenge on narcissists. goes to show how narcissistic/unempathetic you are, assuming it’s people out to get (people like) you rather than being like you! 😛

weird, though, i don’t recall you saying much about revenge.. but wtf pom pom machines? ta, needed a laugh.

20 01 2012

lol well it IS all about me 😉 besides, narcissists not need to research revenge, we’re just awesome enough to do it anyway.

Glad it gave you a bit of a lift, even I don’t know why the hell someone searching for a pom pom maker thought anything I write was applicable but hey ho, maybe they were bored looking for the machine

20 01 2012

I love “fuck off world”. Probably because I completely empathise 😉

As you know, I love my search terms. However, like you with NPD, I still get a lot of negative searches re: BPD (even though I don’t have it anymore, if I ever did!). It’s frustrating to see the stigma that still permeates axis II ilnesses. I wish DSM-V would correct that, but it doesn’t look likely 😦


20 01 2012

The amount of stigma surrounding NPD is the reason I don’t go onto the Healthy Places website. Their expert is someone I detest completely for spreading more stigma.

I don’t think the professionals will do anything to alter the situation regarding stigma, a lot of it will come down to media exposure, and even quality blogging by people such as yourself. It helps to give perspective to what people think.

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