Limitless Creativity

21 01 2012

I seem to be investing a lot of time into writing recently, you may have noticed this in the amount of posts I’ve been writing this year (so far). This does, however, extend beyond this blog and my apparent participation in Project 366. Why? Well, get comfortable by the fire side and I tell you…

As you may remember, I said I’d written a book about my specialist subject, me, whilst on my travels last year. The book is real, it exists, it is written, but having finished writing it I’ve yet to actually get it ready for publication as an e-book. Really must get on with this as it’s looking like my usual projects which end up going absolutely nowhere. Kinda like to break this pattern if I could thank you very much. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the world can spend it’s hard earned pennies on reading about me, which sounds like a narcissists wet dream huh. No it won’t be free, that’s a good few months of my life invested there people so I’d like to see something back apart from actually finishing something I started. Besides, can you really say you’ve been published if you don’t get paid for it?

I dunno, an artist has a difficult life *swoon*. Still, if I get money from the book it means I won’t have to get a proper job… which means I’ll have to get a proper job I guess.

Anyway, I’m starting to revisit ideas I’ve had before and they, in turn, are seeming to help me create new ideas. I do this quite often, revisiting ideas as if I’m getting a second wind of inspiration. Hell, sometimes it feels as if I’m on that drug in the film Limitless (NZT I believe it’s called, thanks Helen). Ok, I guess that’s what it can be like when you go high but what the hey.

Right, quick pause because I do get the feeling that this is running away with me so I need to stop, reassess why I’m writing and go from there.

Starting again.

So, my creativity, fuelled by whatever is making my synapses fire so brightly, is currently going towards comic book stories. Why? I don’t know, for now it seems as if that’s what’s most suitable. I’m no artist so I can’t draw my ideas but I can visualise them quite well and am currently trying to flesh out characters and their reason for being. Should you believe I’m a comic book fan, you’re wrong. Never been a big fan of Marvel etc but I was raised on 2000AD which probably explains why I like the darker side of such things, and my characters are the same. Guess it’s why I like the Dark Knight too. Hopefully I can keep things going and maybe meet an artist or two to help bring my ideas to life as it were.

Before the fire in my brain sets off the sprinkler system to dampen things down would be preferable.

I know this may not be the most fluid post I’ve written but then that happens a lot to me when I do writing like this, kinda fire off into all directions and then retrace along the ones that make the most sense. But as my doctors say, I don’t have bipolar.




2 responses

21 01 2012

rule of thumb on calling yourself ‘a writer’, sorry to say, is about a publisher paying you to do so, not just punters (the snobbery around self-publishing, ah).

but *love* the comic thing. are you sure you can’t draw? there aren’t enough illustrated blogs so perhaps you can test your mettle? (you will *never* find an illustrator who can adequately convey your ideas)

21 01 2012

Meh, I can live with not being an ‘official’ writer, long as I get paid for it… Or just get it available tbh.

And no, I can’t draw well enough to make anything of my thoughts, but illustrators can get close enough for me. It’s the compromise I’m willing to accept to get things rolling

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