Hello From The Bath

23 01 2012

Or should that be “Hellooooooo”? Good acoustics in here, definite hint of reverb/echo going on, but then all bathrooms should have the same thing going on. Hello from me too (I let the bath go first so it didn’t feel a second class citizen).

I know what you’re thinking (because I’m psychic oooOOOOooooOoOOOHhhhh!). It’ll be something along the lines of “Is he really writing this in the bath?” and the answer is “Yes. Yes I am.” which may seem odd but then this is me we’re talking about

Now the follow up thought would usually be “Why are you writing in the bath?” and I’d have to say that it’s probably as good a place as any and shows that men can multi task. Ok, strictly speaking sitting in the bath whilst typing on a phone isn’t multi tasking but I’m a man so it counts (give us a break). And for those of you who wish to have photographic evidence, I like your style but I don’t wanna turn the ewoks out there on with my furry goodness.

Yeah, you can stop reading n go bleach your mind should you feel the need to.

Baths, getting back on track, are quite long drawn out affairs, especially if you want to enjoy them, and so I wanted something to while away the time n I have a few things going on in my cerebellum anyway. I’m back to considering suicide as a very real option rather than something scary that I really want to do. Not exactly groundbreaking news but I am back to the thought of hanging and just getting on with suffering through the minutes it takes to die that way. We’re not quite at the note writing time but it’s getting there.

What I hope to achieve at the moment is a little venting to release some pressure. I know things are bad when I revisit past situations in my head and play them out with extremely violent conclusions. I could detail them but they’re mine and probably what most of society would deem to be scary as hell (think Saw movies but a little less kind). No I’m not disturbed by what I think, too desensitised for that, and I’m pretty damn certain I won’t do any of what I’m thinking, but still.

Bugger. The water is getting cold. Time to do what I came here to do.

Alright, you can look now, I’m freshly looffaaah’d n dressed n shining like a polished turd. I’m not thinking about writing notes now, but I do have this to say…

It is purely rumour that Cookie Monster is on quetiapine, and it’s also rumour that before he was on quetiapine he was the size of Elmo and named John.



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