Medication Comedy

1 02 2012

We’ve all been on medication haven’t we. C’mon, it’s ok, you’re amongst friends here. Shhh, it’s ok, we won’t tell.

Anyway, the joys of being on meds are side effects. My med of choice was Quetiapine and I had one main side effect… but I wasn’t the only one.

Here we have a picture of a character you might recognise…

Yup, it’s Cookie Monster. Here he is looking about the same as Elmo but blue n with a cookie in his hand. He was also named John at the time.

But then John was diagnosed with a mental health condition.

As a result of his diagnosis, John was placed on Quetiapine which has a side effect of increasing appetite. Before long, John had gained weight. Here is a picture or what happened.

As you can see, after his medication, he ballooned in size. Yet worse was yet to come.

John endured bullying at the hands of Oscar the Grouch, and he then came off his medication only to start self medicating his condition in order to cope. Not long after John gained the name of Cookie Monster and his addiction has seen him stooping to new lows, even stealing from children in order to feed his habit.

John is working his way to keeping clean and even though he has relapses, he has hopes for the future. He had this to say – “Stay on the meds, get the help, and you can have a brighter life.”

On a serious note, I know that weight gain comes hand in hand with anti psychotics, amongst other meds, but to be honest, being stable is better than the shit that can happen. Trust me, I was 16 stone (225 pounds), came off meds and ended up at under 14 stone (195 pounds) but am as stable as one legged man on marbles. Would I prefer to be overweight rather than unstable? Umm, due to the fact that it isn’t just women who are paranoid about their looks, it’s a tough call to make.

Maybe antipsychotics should come with dietary advice.




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