Weird And Wonderfulness

8 02 2012

It’s been a while since I did one of my YouTube inspired blog posts but I’ve been thinking about it and now I’m in the mood to do it. This is your chance to close the page and go elsewhere, or you can stick around and see what weird and wonderful stuff I’ve unearthed.

My first video is one I’ve shared with someone else but I still find incredibly funny, as in when it starts I laugh straight away.

Why do I find this funny? It’s the language used rather than anything religion based, I mean basically they’re saying “God wants you to date so use Christian Mingle. Endorsed by The Lord Himself” which is absurd. Oh and who calls their child Jackqueline? Seriously, did they get carried away when they were spelling Jacqueline or did they want a boy and had decided on the name Jack? You decide.

Ok, so what else do I have? Ooh, now this next one is proper funny. Absolutely hilarious.

Riccardo Patrese is actually a former F1 driver so he was driving quite calmly. Ok, his wife possibly wouldn’t agree but I’m childish so it’s funny to me.

I’ll warn you now, this next one wierds me out, the music is good but the visual is a bit damn strange.

Just plain wrong but at least the group, Stars, is worth a look.

My next one is a real group which has been going for years and should be praised for not compromising in order to gain popularity with the mass market. Here they are showing their loving side for Christmas.

Never underestimate the power of GWAR!

Ok, time for something wonderful because we need something wonderful that’s an inspiration.

Why is this guy inspirational? Because he lets it all just go and loses himself in the moment. If only we could all do this then we’d be a bit happier because who likes being constrained (I’m not talking the BDSM version of being constrained either which can be fun… or so I’m told ahem)?

Ok, we’ll round this out with another wonderful thing, a bit of Nina Simone.

No matter what you think, this is applied to everyone, this about personal freedom. Everyone should be free and able to live to their best potential because then, maybe, we’d find some incredible people in places we didn’t imagine. If only everyone was looked at in the terms of potential rather than race/age/sex/sexual preference/disabilities and we worked to enable rather than rob them of possibilities (yes, a mini rant there so I’m expecting it to make a huge amount of sense but that’s what you get with the Welfare and NHS Reform Bills).




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