World Viewed

8 02 2012

Yay! I’m blogging again! Ok, I’ll admit the last one was a little circuitous and maybe not something many would want to read but hey ho, hopefully this one won’t suck.

As I type I’m watching ‘The Hurt Locker’ which, if you haven’t seen it, is about a US bomb squad in Iraq. The main character is described by an incidental character as a ‘wild card’. Why? Well, as you watch the film you get the idea that he acts wild because he feels he has nothing to lose, a feeling I know about (and have blogged about).

It’s a surreal feeling when you look back at it because you begin to feel invincible even though you know you’re not. Rules start to mean very little, you only go on what you feel is right rather than what you’re told is right. Before, I said that it was liberating and you know what, it is. However, there’s always something which tethers you back to knowing what you’ll lose. With the film the main character sees a kid he bonds with dead which shakes his world deeply and so he ends up acting differently, like the world matters.

That’s the thing. Does the world really matter? What people rarely think about is the added extras that come with that question because asking in an ethereal way kinda depersonalises things, so let’s make it personal.

Does your world matter to you? Do you matter to your world? And that’s where we come to the crux of many issues that trouble people. What’s your answer? Mine? I don’t know. I really don’t know. It’s fucked up, I know, and I struggle to piece together what there is. There are individuals I care deeply about but they are pieces in the puzzle of my world view and I’m struggling to put them together in any semblance of a whole. Can’t begin to tell you how much that sucks, at least in my view it does. And then… I dunno, it’s difficult to bring this all the way to a conclusion as I lose track due to the amount of thoughts this kinda thing brings up.

How does the film end? Quite introspectively, I’m not giving away the ending but it certainly is worth watching regardless of what you think about war, it does show the difference of world views and the internal conflict many go through, along with the consequences.




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