Risking Social Thinking

13 02 2012

Are you on Twitter? I am, feel free to follow me and show how awesome you think I am.

Seriously though, Twitter seems to be the place to be if you have a mental health diagnosis. It allows people to make connections and express opinions. It can also lead to arguements which can be… interesting.

At time of writing, there has been a little spat going on when reference was made to an exhibition called  Resistance  which, from what I can tell, is about the role the disabled played in the Final Solution during the reign of the Nazi Party. Were people in wheelchairs popping open canisters of Zyclon? Were those who had been committed to asylums stoking the fires of the furnaces? No, they were the test subjects, the most disposable, the least missed. They were the blueprint for what was to follow.

This was referenced to the rather lovely @Mrsnickyclark (whose blog you can find here ) who then came under fire from others on Twitter for linking to it. What was the problem? Were the far right incensed at the idea that their ideology was under attack? No, it was from people who believed the Holocaust was the sole property of the Jewish faith, or (in some cases you can replace the ‘or’ for an ‘and’) that it was suggestive that the current government in the UK was embarking on a similar course of action.

Firstly, yes, the Jewish people took probably the biggest hit from the Final Solution, we cannot (nor should we even consider) say this is not so. Yet with extensive research going on, it was discovered that many other parts of society were affected by this situation, more than we knew about. To deny that these people suffered in those dark times would, at least in my opinion, be tantamount to declaring that they weren’t important. And that road is an extremely dangerous one to tread.

With regards to the inference that the encumbant British government is embarking on a series of measures which seek to oust the weak from society, this requires something a little more depth.

How were the National Socialists able to, let’s not mince words here, execute the weak of society? Because they made people believe that these people were a drain, that they were bad for the country, that they needed to be dealt with. Details of how this would be done would’ve been withheld, because whilst it’s ok to remove Society’s problems, people tend to get squeamish when it comes to details. And so these people were shunned, vilified, forgotten, outcast. Whatever way you put it, society as a whole chose not to give a damn. Why? Because the National Socialists had tapped into the bruised ego of a once vast empire and told them they were going to be better, that the whole country was above others. When this rhetoric happens, people are more than willing to cut lose that which they believe is holding them down.

Newspapers have been full of news of those on benefits, all of whom are feckless individuals who are simply out to cost the decent hard working British citizen as much as possible. Factually this is about as accurate as saying “Look, there’s a UFO in the sky” when you’re standing next to an airport. Yes, there’s flying things but they’re not exactly unidentified now are they. As someone said, “Never let the facts get in the way of a great story” but then since when does a story like the fact that the fraud rate for Disability Living Allowance (which is for unemployed AND employed) is so incredibly low going to sell papers?

My cynicism did initially make me wonder if the current investigation into the media had made them duck below the ridge line in case their stance against the WRB was going to get them in trouble. This altered somewhat as the NHS Reform Bill was roundly denounced as being a complete waste of time and money by most. Yes, I could be misinterpreting this but kinda seems like it’s more a case of the NHS reform affecting everyone whilst welfare reform affects a select few. Am I suggesting a “Not my problem” stance by a lot the media on the WRB? Yes, yes I am.

So opinion is against this group, to the point where attacks are on the increase. Of course this doesn’t sound like the hounding of people as it was back in the late 30s does it.

Spot the sarcasm.

At no point am I suggesting that the empty warehouses dotted throughout the industrial heartland are going to be co-opted by the government in order to provide sites for dealing with those who have a need for welfare. No, they’d sell that task off to a private contractor if they were to do so. We are not going to see the wholesale slaughter of people because they don’t fit in. Why? Because that’s not great for publicity, it certainly wouldn’t win an election (at least if there’s a chance they’d get found out it wouldn’t) and it would certainly affect the profit margin.

We have gone from a situation whereby people are seen as worthless because they are adjudged by scientific means to be lesser species, to a situation where people are seen as worthless because they are worth less.

As things stand, in monetary terms, I am a negative because I require treatment for my problems, I’m out of work and claiming benefits. My working life up to this point doesn’t count, regardless of what I did, how long I did it for etc. I am like a broken tool, yes I’ve given years of faithful service and performed well but now I’m broken, I’m useless and all that went before means nothing.

No longer does eugenics rule the decision making. There’s no fear of walking into an doctors office and being written off because of our cranial size or our heritage. Yeah, sometimes it feels that way when you talk to Atos but that’s not the case. Now it is down to your value, how much money you bring to the table, or take away from it (especially when you’re not a company who win a government contract).

When all is said and done, I am worth as much as the next person. I am not a negative on the balance sheet, none of us are negatives. We are unrealised positives.



2 responses

13 02 2012

Well said Null. For what it’s worth, I concur.

13 02 2012

Thanks Pan, unfortunately I don’t think the media and the government will agree 😦 Besides, we all know the occasional feeling that we are a negative regardless of the facts

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