Pass The Tissues

14 02 2012

Bleurgh. I’m I’ll in case you were wondering, just a cold but being ill still sucks.

Anyway, I’m blogging a lot haven’t I. Some of it has been good, some has been mediocre (yes, I’ll admit to writing some drivel and the stats would agree with me), but I guess the question is, why am I blogging so much?

If you pay attention to blogging providers, you’ll know of something called Project 366 which is where people are encouraged to write a post every day. There are a few reasons for doing this, to build up the popularity of the provider, and to help bloggers to improve their writing, but these are not my purpose.

A useful thing to do when you have mental health doodahs (that’s the technical term) is to track where your mood is and what you’re thinking. I’d love to do this but I have difficulty in doing this for any particular amount of time. Kind of frustrating as at times it’d be useful to refer to such a thing when it comes to dealing with professionals. So, strange as it may seem, I’m using this blog to chart my moods even though the posts may not make reference to my moods. Make sense? Wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t. The point is not to exactly detail every waking moment of my days but to give hints as to where my head was at the time. As such, I can give a better insight into things and track any pattern which may occur.


I’m having a moment of deja vu. Have I written about this before? I’m serious, it feels like I wrote a very similar post before.

This sucks. Deja vu, ill, I repeat my previous statement of “This sucks”. Ho hum, gonna give up.




2 responses

14 02 2012

It makes sense to me. In my view, styles of writing – not just content – give a lot away about a person’s state of mind. On the occasions where I glance through my archives, I can see where I was angry, truly distressed, hypomanic and broken by debilitating depression. I don’t know how much of it is obvious to anyone but me, but in this mental health blogging lark, we write primarily for ourselves. So I hope the daily postings working for you, and that you’ll be able to spot trends, patterns and maybe even triggers.

Good luck! I look forward to my continuing daily dose of Null. There’s no way I could manage daily posting. Maybe I shouldn’t write 3,000 words every time I sit down to WordPress, but meh…

14 02 2012

It’s possible for others to spot where you were at the time, although they won’t be able to spot the nuances or know why.

Don’t worry Pan, you may not write quantity but you do write quality (yes, I am jealous)

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