Just Another Day

15 02 2012

So that was Valentines Day huh, how was it for you? For me it managed to pass by with only minor acknowledgements that it was actually happening. As with many other supposedly festive/celebratory days, I find no value in it. Doesn’t help that I’m crap at deciphering messages.

My ex found out about my difficulty in not taking things literally when before one VDay I broached the subject of things for that day. Her response was something along the lines of “Oh, nothing, we’ll just skip it” which is apparently girl speak for “Surprise me”. So I did surprise her by getting her, you guessed it, nothing. If she had said “Surprise me” then that’s what I’d have done but she didn’t so, well, there ya go. She was a little put out but did realise she had made a mistake by not being upfront with me.

My inability to decipher nuances has been discussed before so I won’t bore you once more with it, and I’m lazy so I’m not going to go back and find the post where I did bore you with it. Ok, maybe it’s relevant because when I focus on situations I can pick up a huge amount detail that people don’t realise they are portraying. It’s made even more strange by the fact that people mistake what I’m expressing. I’ve been asked not to be angry which caught me off-guard as I was only annoyed. Angry generally involves a lot more aggression without becoming physical. Least that’s the way it is for me.

So, seeing as VDay means nothing to me, what else is zipping through the neurons? Hmm, a little aside here, do you remember all those anecdotes about how we only use ten percent of our brain capacity? I’m beginning to think that it’s a load of testicles. My reason for saying this is that we evolved our brains for a reason, they are the size that they are for a reason, not by chance. So what is that alleged 90% doing? Well, the way I figure it, this would be stuff that’s put into long term storage. If we’re to look at the brain like a computer (which isn’t the best way) then the alleged unused space would be memory storage related. Just a thought.

Back to my thoughts for the day and I’ve been thinking about a few things.

Firstly, possibly looking into maybe starting a business. Maybe. I like my ideas and the more I look, the more I find my approach to be quite unique… or maybe just very rare. Whether or not this could become a viable proposition is a big question, especially when it relies on me being a viable proposition. This is a bloody big sticking point because having looked into starting a business before, I am the sticking point. Frustrating when you see some years later that someone has taken a very similar idea (one or two were identical) and made a decent amount of money from it. It’s possible that looking at all those questionnaires that are designed to show if you have what it takes to be a boss wasn’t a great idea but then I probably wasn’t up to the job anyway, either too immature or too unrealistic or whatever. Now I’m older and (allegedly) wiser, maybe it’s time to make up lost ground. Maybe.

Secondly, if you remember way back into last year, maybe six months ago, I declared that I had written a book. That book was thought, by me, to be a way to make money and fund a nomadic lifestyle (assuming a lifestyle requiring no more than £5200 a year). And then, as with many things before, things stalled. Is the book, which is a more in-depth view of me written during my travels, dead? No. Hopefully this week I’ll start publishing it on this very blog, section by section. Why? Because I realise that as much fun as getting paid for my work would be, it’s unlikely to earn me anything. So will it be free? The first ten percent for sure as Amazon would make that much available as a preview. Beyond that, I don’t know. The way I’m thinking about doing it is to put it all on my blog (yes, all 73,000 words) and then putting a Paypal donate button on so if you read it and think it’s worth something then you can chuck a couple of pennies my way. That way at least it wasn’t a complete waste of time and you never know, someone might see it, think it’s amazeballs n hey presto, I’m bazzilionaire. Yeah, I know, it isn’t gonna happen but I’ve got to vent my fantasy life somehow.



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