Umm, Pass. Not The Best Day Ever

16 02 2012

I tweeted today about how “today certainly has got ‘bit weird’ written all over it” which is possibly the best way to think about things going on in my head right now.

A little disclaimer to begin with, I’m consuming alcohol so it may end up with me being drunk n saying weird ass shit. But then it may not be entirely the fault of the booze.

I woke up way earlier than I thought I would which I can probably put down to my cold tenaciously hanging on and making me cough/sneeze/make blort noises.

Let’s be honest, that matters not. What matters is that I am feeling… up. Ok, that’s a little cryptic and could give you mental images of me as an old man flying a house with lots of balloons. Cool as the balloon hoisted maison would be, what I mean is that today I have been a little wilder than I have been of late which makes me wonder what’s going on. Yeah I know, it’s me overthinking things again but then that’s my style and I want to figure out this whole heap of mental mystery that I am blessed with.

So. Am I going bad mental or not?

Subtle huh. I guess one of the bad bits is that I don’t know if what… if… I dunno, it’s one of them things where I wonder if it’s the lack of sleep or I’m going uppity up up. Alcohol is helping as whilst there’s no real desire for intoxicant inspired oblivion, I’m going that way because it’s the way I wanna go.

Struggling to string together coherent sentences which adequately describe what’s going on in my head. The best I can do is that I seem to be able to look at the keyboard and see where things are going to be which distracts my head from actually putting the thumbs (it’s my phone I’m writing this on) in the right places can get a little offset. Course there are points where I don’t need to look at the keyboard and everything falls into place.

I dunno, welcome to the future. Bling bling futha muckers!



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