Insert Witty Title Of Your Own As My Brain Is A Bit Fried

21 02 2012

I wonder if the text from my book so far has been of any real interest to people. I think so far it’s about 17,000 words done with another 55,000 to go. Exciting huh.

Anyway, time to talk about other things.

I’ve done something a little silly. Hmm, in theory it’s not silly but then this is me we’re talking so silly can come in different ways than normal peoples. What is so squirrelly? That would be me applying for a job. I know. Me. Applying for a job. I must be in a good mood or something as I’m doing it, my CV is ready(ish) and I’m just struggling my way through a covering letter. I’ve never done a covering letter before because pretty much every job I’ve had has been a case of ‘Want a job?’ ‘Sure, why not’ kind of thing. I think I’ve submitted my CV about 3 times ever and never with a covering letter. Talk about never really applying myself huh.

Ok, so what else is going on? Umm, my design stuff has stalled a bit… which sounds a bit messed up now that I consider it because it’s like I’m taking this stuff seriously which I shouldn’t as it’ll only lead to some weird stuff going down in my head. I’m not angry anymore, at least for now, but we all know how fast that can change. I… I dunno, I seem to have reached a bit of a stumbling block although I’m not entirely sure what. Sorta like my thoughts have cut loose from their moorings and are a bit loose on the tide with no real direction. It’s a bit annoying as I know I have this energy but I’ll be damned if it’s going to get put to any good use because I’m just… yeah.

One thing I don’t want to get into is an overanalytical stance at this time because I don’t think I’d be any real good at it. What the hell am I going to do with the rest of this? Umm… think I best leave it with you for now. Seriously, tell me, how’s things with you right now? Why on earth do you read this drivel? Where is everyone? Think that’s enough to keep us going for now. So, please, sit, grab a drink n let’s chat.



One response

26 02 2012
Rachael Black

oooh can hardly wait until you finish the book.
Losing my way (and mind) are part of the process of writing. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with blogs I’m subscribed to, and the new post entries, that I am completely unable to write anything. Feel underwater with writing and life.
So.. totally understand.
Keep writing PLEASE! You have so much to tell and experiences to back it up.

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