1 03 2012

Did I say that I was going to do a blog post every day? Hands up all those who thought this wasn’t going to last. Well done to you. Smart arse. Guess now that I am doing a blog post, I better explain my recent absence. Not for you but for the record (ok, it’s for you, I like you so why not).

It’s hard to say what killed off my daily blogging thing but it took my adventures of Twitter with it. Just kinda turned around one day and didn’t wanna type out… anything really. There wasn’t anything that spurred this thinking (not quite prepared to call it a decision) but it was what it was… whatever that was.

So what have I been up to? Umm, chilling out, applying for a job (think I told you that already), doing design work because that’s what’s been focussing my mind for whatever reason, and kinda doing some weird thinking. By weird thinking I mean that joyous rapid thinking that we get. By we I mean those who get rapid thoughts because of whatever condition they have (I don’t have bipolar of course and I don’t know enough about NPD to say either way). Anyway, I’ve also been having fun with sleep. Yes I’ve been getting it but usually only from about 6am which has been problematic.

How have I been coping with all of this? Well, I’ve been self medicating with the perenial favourite of alcohol, either red wine or cider. Every day for the past week has involved some alcohol, either as a sedative or to calm the rapid thoughts down if they were getting out of hand. How do rapid thoughts get out of hand? Usually if they become intense or of a negative nature… or both. I’m currently out of booze at the moment but I expect to be stocking up again tomorrow, or today, depending on how you view the clock at the moment. I don’t expect things to get better any time soon, as you can guess, but at least I have an appointment to see my psychiatrist soon. Maybe I can get proper meds again, although I may have to ask if what I’m going through is possible with NPD. Just to satisfy my curiosity of course.

Ah well, whatever, I shall stop drivelling now. Least you guys know where I’ve been/currently am, in case you were wondering, not that you necessarily were. Ahem, shutting up now.




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