There Now Follows A Public Service Announcement

4 03 2012

Right, this is a party political broadcast by The Loony Party (not affiliated to the Monster Raving Loony Party but we like them anyway).

Hello. We at the Loony Party feel that the encumbant government has let down the people with their proposals for the improvement to the welfare system and the NHS. We also believe that other parties in the Commons have failed to see what these suggestions mean. In fact, the most sense has come from the House of Lords. We feel it would be remiss if we didn’t stick our oar in to stir the political waters, and not because we like the sound of our own voices.

We feel that the level of deceit which has been involved with the introduction of plans for reform has been sub-human to the point where you wonder if we’ve been invaded by lizards and some of our politicians have been replaced by these cold blooded vermin in disguise. What they’re intent on we don’t know but there’s definitely a harkening back to V (watch the original, it’s very good). Their influence has seemed to extend mostly from the Department of Work and Pensions and has drawn in others which ostensibly seems to be an attempt to garner respectability (Hello Disability Works UK).

But do we have a choice?

Yes we do. Join in the social media revolution which has unmasked the lizards, I means lies. We here at the Loony Party will support you and also help by providing alternative solutions, such as increasing the price of alcohol yet making it available via prescription and so acknowledging the useful aspects whilst introducing a degree of control for those who may need it.

Remember, knowledge is power and now that you’ve learned the truth behind a lot of the plans you have the power to help change it via democratic means. No longer do you have to be the silent masses huddled in the dark whilst the elite in their shiny towers of power shape your world. You can help shape the elite to make this world the way you want it.

Oh dear, I think I need to sit down now. Nurse? Nurse!? Oh that’s right, can’t afford a carer. Never mind. Just remember you have the power, oh and don’t forget the Loony Party at the next election. Viva la teaspoons!




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