Words Are Random Conclusions

5 03 2012

It’s that time where I’ve run out of alcohol and have no way to reduce all the thoughts in my head and there is some proper weird shit going on. With that said, procede with caution or don’t proceed.

Imagine this; you are aware of Dave Grohl, the lead singer of the Foo Fighters? If not then go henceforth and search YouTube and improve your knowledge of this man and his epic music. Course if you do know Dave Grohl (although likely not personally) then you may wish to join your not so learned friends just because it’s fun to watch. Anyway, my point is that Dave Grohl is the Chuck Norris of sex. That’s right, Dave Grohls glance can snap a womans knicker elastic at 50 yards. His hip sway makes both women and men swoon. The so called Lynx Effect is styled ofter the effect Dave Grohls natural scent has on people. Dave Grohl is under UN sanction to never be seen naked due to the population explosion it would cause.

Feel free to make your own Dave Grohl facts known.

Oooh, I’ve also been thinking about shotguns. You see I’m a man of simple pleasures and I won’t deny that one of those pleasures is the thought of having the cold steel tube under my chin and making a chemical reaction happen. But hey, simple pleasures and all that.

Where shall we all go now? On a yellow submarine? Cor, what kinda of trip do you need to be on to imagine a yellow submarine and blue meanies? Whatever kind, I wouldn’t mind a drop of that m’self doncha know old boy. M’yerrsss, a touch of the oldum, thingy, you know what I mean. To be fair (and not sounding like a member of the landed gentry), I’d quite happily settle for a bottle of cider or red wine right now as that’d calm this shit down a fair bit. Not entirely sure what an acid trip would do to me… although, you know what, it’s getting more and more tempting to find out. I’ll stick with alcohol when I can get it. Think about 8 or 9 which means another 7 hours to wait, at least. This does not please me. I wonder if I’ll need it for my psych appointment at 10? Who knows, just need to get there first. There’s many things that possibly need to be said during this meeting but we shall see whether or not it gets said or not as my power to see the future doesn’t work like that. Like me it’s very random and fucking useless. No cape for me just yet.

Maybe I should just look into your soul and tell you some of your darkest desires to you. Scary for some but then maybe people should realise that these dark desires do not define a person, they are just thoughts, we all have them… all of us who have experienced life. And to experience life is what we were put here for because without it, we are soulless husks.

Course I could be spouting randomised bollocks which means little if anything.

We sit watching pixels dance, waiting for electrons to gyrate across untold distance, forming a connection with a cup and a string, looped round the universe and back, to talk to people a stones throw away. Now our stones are electronic, yet our bones are real, break one, shake the other, and wonder what it all means.

Didn’t make sense but the words line up and fall in line, dressed to the left. And so I continue.

What shall I visit upon you now? What joys shall spill forth from my brain to my fingers without the intereference of my conscience? Unlikely anything, not because my Jiminy Cricket gets involved but because it’s becoming like a sandstorm. Nothing discenrable coming forth, so I shall let you go and let this part of me dip back below the surface. My parting shot will be this; have you ever watched the film Gladiator and thought to yourself “I have a fwiend called Biggus Dikus, he wanks vewy highly in Wome”?



3 responses

5 03 2012

You do indeed have a lot of thoughts to deal with. Like you, I’m not sure how helpful acid might be. I’d hate for it to make your thoughts even wilder. It might be useful to point your psychiatrist to your blog. Posts like this seem to have a lot of the unfettered Null in them.
Stay safe. x

5 03 2012

I know, I’m kinda blessed like that. Acid may not be my best choice, not least because I wouldn’t know where to get it from. As for psych reading this… I think maybe not, although the psychologist might get a peek. I dunno, it’s medication time anyway I reckon.
Stay sexy 😉

5 03 2012

Always. Quetiapine has that effect. 😉

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