Random Musings Once More

11 03 2012

I should start by saying “I’m drunk” which is the kinda thing you say when you’ve drunk a bottle of wine straight from the bottle (it was nommy good for sure) so expect shizzle that may not make sense. Enjoy!

So here we are, I’m inne… bollocks, I’m too drunk to be bothered how to spell that so instead of the hate/anger/rage taking over, I’m going to address a few things roaming my cerebrum (possibly toting some hardcore weaponry to anihilate other thoughts like the stereotypical gangsta driveby in South Central).

I’ve got much love for Public Enemy with Chuck D stating the real word in his words. As such I wonder why the fuck this ‘Gangsta Rap’ is so popular. No, I’m not black but I wonder why those who are feel comfortable cosing up to the stereotype where the black man is someone to fear. How is selling records proclaiming how you like drugs and advocate killing other people whilst spouting racial epiteths against your fellow man a good idea? When I was working for the government, I was educated on the whole equality deal (not that I really need to) and the best quote regards race was stated by the person taking the class, a black man, who stated, and I’m saying this verbatim – “I’m not anyones nigger”. Couldn’t agree more. Just like “retard” for those with learning difficulties, the N word is not one whith any positive connotation whatsoever. If you are black and comfortable with the term then you really need to sit down and think about what it means. Yes you can tow the line of “I’m claiming it back” but is that because others have deamed it acceptable or because you’ve looked at it yourself and said “Yeah, knowing the history of the terminology, I am comfortable with that term”?

Gay marriage, something which is proving to be extremely polemic at the moment. This is my spin on the subject – The government are the ones who say what’s what with marriage. As such, I feel that they should license same sex marriage. I do not believe that we should force religions to change their view but if a registry office (or, God forbid, even though he/she/it wouldn’t forbid it) wishes to grant a marriage license to a same sex marriage then they should be allowed to. End of arguement. There is nothing more to this arguement. Hell, this is coming from a person who believes that the country in which he lives should not allow halal/kosher meat to be produced within its borders but will accept that imports of such meat should be unrestricted. Kinda says a lot about me.>br>
What else do we have? Scotland. I find it absolutely unbelievable that some quarters are saying that the english people should have a say in the status of Scotland. This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard recently. Scotland should have it’s own voice on this matter without interference from aby other section of the country. Think about it logically people, should Scotland decide on cessescion from the union then you have to remember that the ties between England and Scotland are so deep rooted that a total cescession of connection woyld be idiotic to say the least.

To expand on this, Scotland may wish to reduce any and all interference from Whitehall but they will likely continue ties with us because it would be mutually beneficial to do so. As such, true independence will take decades to achieve, something I believe the SNP are aware of. Yes, they are wanting to score political points by waiting till nearly the next election before they hold the essential referendum, but the truth of the matter is that the actual cessation will take many years means that it doesn’t matter. Dear god (or appropriate deity) I hope Scotland DO decide on cessation. Nothing like such a thing to shake up the accepted view on politics and that’s what’s needed.

Btw, if you believe the rest of the UK should have a say on the future of Scotland, then you’re also saying that Argentina has a right to decide the fate of the Falkland Islands. We cannot advocate self determination for one group yet deny it to another. That would be idiotic at best without a doubt (and yes, the Falklands should be free to decide their own fate, no matter what it is, as with Scotland).

Quick break now to say that I FUCKING LOVE MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS. Was it necessary to involve so many caps? Yes, very much yes, it puts the feeling in stark contrast to the words which surrounding words, such as swear words are used for effect in order to highlight a point.

Where this goes now is to the latest trend on every social media site. Kony 2012. This has proved to be a very informative situation because you have seen the ideo, with all the various media outlets picking up on it. I describe myself as a true agnostic which means I need information to form an opinion regarding something. As such, the film so many people have seen is very persuasive in its message. Then you do the research.

The primary concern of the creators of the Kony 2012 campaign is to raise awareness of the siutaion and get action taken to alter the situation. Problem is that, with a little research, you can see that backing the Ugandan military to capture Mr Kony is fraught with hazards aplenty. The US has become involved because in that area there are a lot of resources. Problem is that the targetted group, the LRA, have moved out of Uganda (some 6 years ago) and have moved into the Democratic Republic of Congo. So the Ugandan troops get sent into the DRC in order to apprehend this person in order to bring stability to the region. The problem being that the DRC has massive amounts of natural resources which both Uganda and Rwanda have been after for years.

As such, encouraging a country to commit hostile acts within the borders of a neighbouring country to which it has been hostile to (for resources) seems like an extremely bad idea. The Kony 2012 campaign is advocating the invasion of another country in order to achieve its goals without consideration to the repercutions thereof. Who gives a shit what the Ugandans think of this situation if the West is advocating invasion of another country for its very rich resources? The big issue is what I have just said. Had the charity involved advocated helping the main country (the Democratic Republic of Congo) to rid itself of an issue then fine, but they aren’t. They see a problem, they want to resolve the problem regardless of consequence. That is colonialism at it’s very worst. Yes, the campaign is very persuasive but it’s politically either naive or outright dangerous.

Your opinion is your own, yet whilst I’ll admit to the success of the campaign by Invisible Children, I worry about the naivity of those supporting it in it’s (very) expensive way.

Aaaaaand we’re done. I’m going to take care of what’s necessary when you drink a lot. Hopefully it’s got you to think if nothing else.

Peace out.




2 responses

12 03 2012

Awesome drunken post. Keep ’em coming. (I’m not being too patronising I hope). I love the insights in to Nullmind. x

12 03 2012

It’s quite likely going to happen again soon. Maybe not tonight as I’m looking to sleep for aaaggesss. But soon

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