The Winds Are Changing

15 03 2012

Right, I won’t be doing a long ass post because I’m doing this on the floor because my back is killing me. This doesn’t actually have anything to do with the post, just saying in case you spot mistakes etc.

I’ve been thinking today (always a bad sign) about my honesty. You see, thanks to this blog and Twitter, people get quite an insight into my life. There’s not much I hold back and whilst I originally created this persona of NullFuture to give me space and distance, that has been slowly eroded away with more and more information about me being available.

Why is this of note you may ask. Well, prior to the rise of NullFuture, my digital footprint was miniscule and I made sure it stayed that way just by being careful with paperwork etc. You could search for me but you’d be very hard pressed to find me. And since then it has bloomed to the point where people know a great deal about me and could trace me quite easily. Hell, even my picture is out there a fair amount, not a situation I’m thrilled about.

So what is the problem? The problem is that I feel extremely uncomfortable with this situation. My initially purpose for doing it was to force my hand on my Narcissistic Personality Disorder so that it had nowhere to run, no way to screw me over. Unfortunately I feel that I have gone way beyond what would be considered prudent. As such, I have a lot of thinking to do with regards to this so do not be surprised if you suddenly see this blog and/or the Twitter account hidden behind privacy systems. There are more factors than this I need to look at, but these are the main things that may affect things.




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