And So The Wind Stops Blowing

16 03 2012

So, I’ve had time to think about the subject raised yesterday and so, as I write this I’ve begun work to make this happen. Naturally this isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Let’s find out shall we?

So, you may have noticed that the book has disappeared. This may, or may not, be a permenant situation, only time will tell. I’m also looking at ways to remove myself from the Guardian website, or at least change my username in order to provide a little space. This is becoming a bit difficult to do as The Guardian, whilst being purveyors of both sides of the story (according to their ads), have not a bloody clue about making support accessible. Still, I shall persevere.

All pretty straightforward so far huh, at least it was until I saw this.

Powerful, extremely powerful, and yes, it has me thinking. So, whilst I’ve edited out some of my content, I think the blog is here to stay, public and everything. Yes, it makes me vulnerable but then that was kinda the point as it leaves my narcissism very little in the way of shelter and so hopefully not let it screw me or others.

Bold wish, no idea if it’s happening or not though. Time, as ever, will tell.




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