Haven’t I Seen You Around Somewhere?

18 03 2012

Life. It’s full of setbacks, but they say it’s how you deal with those setbacks that counts. Problem is that they don’t say what it counts to. I mean if it counts then there’s a way to keep score, and if we’re keeping score… why?

Winning and losing are foreign concepts until a goal is introduced. Perhaps this is where religion comes in as it gives you a ready made, pre-packed, totally adjustable to you, set of rules by which to live your life, all hand delivered by vestal virgins who sing so beautifully that even the deaf would weep. All this backed up by the knowledge that your deity of choice has got all the touchline technology to make the calls and keep the scores so they can call the winners and the losers.

Gives you hope doesn’t it? That someone out there will see your every move and know if it was right or wrong. Be nice if they could let us know once in a while what we got right or wrong.

I struggle with the past as I continually dredge it up and question my decisions, I play the ‘What If…’ game tirelessly. All of which is not helped by that fun fun fun thing of catastrophising over things. So many questions, it’s like the Spanish Inquisition has set up camp inside my brain and has quite an extensive list of questions they’d like to draw my attention to. But first it’s time for them to take their deity mandated dose of Speed so they can talklikethisandnotstopforanyoneoranythingheylookatthat!

Naturally it’s unexpected but then nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. And it’s relentless, but then one of the interrogation techniques to police use is to ask the same questions over and over again till they forget what they were saying or your brain melts and are willing to admit to anything just so long as they tell you what it was you did (joke copyright T Pratchett). And yes my brain has gone all soft and squishy (anatomy experts please refrain from stating facts like brains are soft and squishy anyway, it ruins the flow) and the only thing that helps it out is the usual beer buzz going on.

So what the fuck is my point? Guess I’m saying that I’m not religious and I don’t really want to magical being in the sky spying on my every move as I doubt with omnipotence it allows him/her/it/them/squiggle to gain true insight into what the hell goes on in my head. Oh, and if they do exist, I’m so gonna kick them in the nuts/tits/squiggle. Beyond that I’m just wondering if anyones got suggestions of how I can fuck this shit off into the bastard distance. Any and all suggestions taken onboard (at least till the ship sinks).

Much love and orgasms to all (non contact of course… unless that’s your thing then… I’ll stop now before I dig myself too deep a hole and have something else to catastrophise over).




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