Null Still Pulling?

21 03 2012

A little while back I wrote a post called

Ok, I will admit that I haven’t put a huge amount of effort into this so far but that’s me. At this time it extends to a single solitary dating site and nothing else. Wanna see what my profile looks like without having to go find the dating site? Here is, and I swear this is copied directly from the site, my profile.

About Me

I guess a lot of people expect a load of bullshit in these things, I mean who seriously wants someone who comes with immense amounts of baggage, loads of issues, and has a questionable level of sanity?

Anyway, about me, I come with immense amounts of baggage, loads of issues, and my sanity is questionable. Course, if you know me (yes I am THAT nullfuture) then you know this already.

Beyond that… well, that’s where it gets complex. I’m relatively intelligent, my looks will best be described by my picture (when I get it put up which may take a while as I’m quite self conscious), and I’ve been described as “so laid back as to be almost unconscious”. I have a thing for Japan, just a country I’d like to visit, but then I like travelling anyway to the point where the idea of being a digital nomad is very appealing.

My build is listed as stocky (I’m 2ft wide on the shoulders, don’t ask how I know), my laugh has been described as either dirty or evil (although not in a “Muahahahahahaha!” way), I’m certainly not what some would call normal, and appropriately I have an extremely open mind which is likely why I’m an agnostic.

Would likes be of interest to you? I guess, seeing as you’ve read this far, it might be a good idea. Ok, well, snowboarding is like a zen experience for me, cars and bikes (including motorsport), rugby, Luc Besson films (extends to quite a lot of world cinema), conversation and discussion, racing round and chilling out comfortable with someone in my arms. Oh, and I view music as food for the soul.

Well, that’s me and my venture into the possibilities of happiness. Anything else you wanna know then feel free to ask, I’m good (or strange, depending on your point of view) like that.

What I’m Looking For

Personality and honesty.

Short list huh, but then personality trumps most other things without breaking a sweat. Sense of humour comes into this too but such is life. As for honesty, you’d be surprised how unshockable I am with that, most things I’ve been told, all the way from life shattering story to life affirming.

Looks really aren’t that big a deal, job etc are the same because personality (and love) make things work despite obstacles. I will say this though, I do have a bit of a thing for redheads, but that’s just a thing, it’s not definitive.

Being open minded would also be a bonus, although you could wrap that up in personality I guess.

What do you reckon then? I know, I know, I can’t believe the ladies aren’t beating down my door (not a euphemism) with all of that. Before you ask, yes, I am joking, I know that my profile makes me out to be not much of a proposition at the moment but that’s just me being honest. This is the second version of my profile but it only builds on what I put on there before. Makes it Dating Profile v1.1 I guess. Anyway, isn’t honesty what women are looking for? Hmm, maybe not that much honesty but then what the hey. Should any of you have suggestions on improving this then feel free to comment below or use the contact form on the appropriately named About and Contact page.

I did mention in the aforementioned post that I had actually had someone make contact with me quite rapidly. How did that pan out? Well, we made a connection but it didn’t work out. Such is life. To be honest, had things progressed further then it’s possible my Truman Show style paranoia would have reached epic proportions, or I would’ve had to admit that I’m a flukey/lucky son of a bitch at times.

Again, I’m not exactly pushing the boat out with the online dating thing so what other options exist? Twitter is possible, I mean there are plenty of interesting and attractive women in my Twircle (can I get away with that term? Screw it) but I honestly doubt they’d wish me to get serious with them. Readers of my blog tend to be fairly anonymous (as in rarely announce themselves) so not really that much of an option. Of course, as an outside bet I could always try that weird and wonderful experience called (no, not Facebook) the real world.

Now, it may surprise you to know but, to date, most of my romantic relationships have actually started online. Oh yes, the internet can claim responsibility for getting me laid more often than any other form of interaction, not by a great deal but it can. I guess this is, at least in part, due to my social awkwardness and my difficulty in reading messages (as in “Is she flirting or just being nice?”) which makes me err on the side of caution all the time. Sometimes I wish I could go out and wear a top that said ‘Single And Available’ or words to that effect so that women can approach me. No I wouldn’t do that even though it may sound like something I’d do, however I do prefer women to make the first move because it gets old real quick when you have the disappointment of rejection coupled with the usual distancing of the other person. Not fun at all, and no ladies, men are unlikely to distance themselves like women do because we don’t view such things negatively. At least not so much. At least I don’t. I’m digging a deep deep hole here so I shall stop. However, don’t forget, I genuinely would like help on this whole dating thing should you be so inclined.

Muchos of the gracias my peoples, until next time.




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