Why The Hell Did I Write This Post?

24 03 2012

It may be the skinful I’ve had, or it could be the general… whatever. But I couldn’t be arsed with life if you paid me to.

Let’s explore this a little shall we.I would gladly discharge a 9mm semi automatic under my chin. Sadly I do not have access to such a device (curse you reactionary draconian weapons laws!) so I’m stuck here being a complete pussy about the whole suicide thing. Just about right really with all things considered. Yeah, yeah, I know “Poor me, isn’t my life so terrible”. Well yeah, to me, it is. However, if I can work up the cajonnes (I apologise for murdering Spanish) to kill myself then we wouldn’t be having this discussion now would we. Fortunately I have found the correct information on how to hang myself without screwing about, it’s surprising how much useful information is out there to do such shit. Who says Wikipedia is useless?

Am I suicidal? Not actively, but we are thinking very fondly of the subject. No idea why I said we. Confusing. Ho hum, it doesn’t matter. Suffice to say, whomever is typing this (I say it’s me but then that can be a fluid definition) is a little fucked off with existence. Aaaand that seems to be it. I have nothing else to say. Well that’s disappointing. Bollocks. Hope you guys are having more fun than this. Continue.




2 responses

2 04 2012
Rachael Black

Null, luckily -or unluckily- for you in the UK, guns are more difficult to come by than here on the US,
YOU spread hope. Hope that there there is something worth fighting for. Despite your illness, feelings and nightmare of government bureaucracy.

In the US we have nothing except guns. And pills.No help from the government -except… next! Unless you have private insurance an no one, except the rich can afford that.
Tried pills. Twice. Fucked up.
Can’t force myself to drive over a ravine – there are plenty here in the in the Sierra’s, but I’m a lame-ass.
Just want to die.
Tired of being alone. Tired of of being cold because I cannot afford heat.
Sick of getting fatter and more disgusting because I cannot afford food that is lean. Only fatty pieces or hot dogs.. not even that. Just fat in cans basically. Yo know what I mean?
Any suggestions?
As I said. I may be broke… but everyone I know owns a gun. Hard to fuck that up.
yes I’m not hideous but I am not thin enough for any man to date me. Men all want Skinny women. Size 5 not size 14.
Am funny and in Mensa, oh but I drink. And I’m fat, according to studies since the 1930’s…and what I hear from guy friends.
Yours in Empathy,

4 04 2012

no hanging. i’d miss you. does that count as a reason to go on living ?

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