Keep On Trucking

10 04 2012

Been a while huh, guess you’re expecting a flood of witicisms held back so long that they threaten to drown the reader. You may be disappointed.

So why have I been a bit quiet? I don’t know, I think it was one of those things where I just needed to take some time out and not have anything in my head as something was messing about. I’m not entirely sure if I’d given up entirely as I’d even done a cease and desist on Twitter for a period of time. Perhaps the better question would be, why have I decided to blog now?

Honestly? I dunno, I just felt the compulsion to unleash the mental a little bit. I mean there’s been some serious stuff going on in the world of mentalism, both nationally and personally. I’ve not been getting into trouble but my fluctuating alcohol intake has gone up due to head noise.

Shit, this hasn’t been an auspicious start has it. Ok, let me say this – what with the national issues messing around with life for the most vulnerable, and people I know having anything from a fair amount of trouble to spectacular epicness of shit going on, and then there’s always my own personal hell in a hand basket, it just aint been a fun ole time y’hear. My alcohol consumption fluctuates depending how much head noise I have going on at that point and if I can afford the type of alcohol that doesn’t come with something like Turpentine on the label (or should have that or vinegar printed on there). Beyond that it’s a matter of same shit different day although I miss hanging out with my friends 😦 I still have no job, and I am having a little trouble.

What does that mean? Well, social interaction is fine but I do struggle with protracted lengths of it, it just wears me out and I feel mentally drained. Physically I’m gaining weight. Hell, the only thing that may be going alright is that I’m experimenting with something (legal) which may help me cut out some of the noise by allowing me to express myself a little.

Oh, there is another thing that’s making me a little happier, namely this.

Enjoy, I did




One response

11 04 2012

Null, you bastard, I’ve got that song in my head for the rest of the day.
I thought you’d gone quiet and when you were tweeting you sounded intermittently a bit more upbeat, mixed with some growling mentalness. Please stay safe in your experimentation and in yor drinking. Be kind to your stomach too.

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