The Future of Is There A Future

15 04 2012

Well, it’s a little strange to be writing this because the blog is called Is There A Future and here I am questioning its future. Why? Because…

Because I can no longer see the point of it.

You may or (more likely) may not have noticed a decline in the frequency of my postings and a little sketchiness creeping in more and more over the ones I have done. I just don’t have the inspiration I used to and I struggle to write cogently at the moment. Don’t be thinking that I am keeping my writing for a diary or something because my writing all over has decreased noticably with my only vents being either Twitter or just little spikes of thought about stuff which isn’t remotely mental health related. To me it seems a little pointless to continue, a feeling I share about my FuckBastard account which I finally deleted today. Yes, I feel more attachment to the blog than I ever did to FB so I am considering moving it to private status rather than a full blown (and irrevocable) deletion. Yes, I’ll allow people in but it won’t be an active thing for a while and mostly held for posterity (I do have difficulty letting some things go, could you tell?).

I guess this was inevitable really as the internet is fickle and whatever that doesn’t take, entropy consumes. My blog is not the only such one to suffer the ravages of life with a few of my favourite bloggers either disappearing totally or winding down operations in a similar fashion to me, whether they realise it or not. This, of course, makes me a bit sad because I wouldn’t follow their blogs if I wasn’t genuinely interested in what they say. But such is life.

As befitting me, this isn’t a definite solution to things because I may find inspiration and actually get my shit together. Or I’ll just delete it and be done with it. I don’t know, I’ll reach a decision within the next few days I guess and go from there. However, unless someone offers a guest slot on a blog and I can find inspiration from somewhere, I get the feeling this may be the final curtain. Yes it’s melodramatic but it’s kinda how it is. Fortunately, this being the internet, there will be someone else to take my place, although I’d be genuinely surprised if it were a man, mental men just don’t seem to want to talk about stuff (a massive generalisation I know).

Peace out.



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15 04 2012

I’m right where you are, as you know, and have been for a good few months now. I’ve even mostly abandoned Twitter, which is hardcore. My heart’s not in any of it any more.

If you privatise the blog, may I please have access?

If you leave – well, I’ll miss you. Truly. But you have to do what’s best for you.

Take care Null.


Pan x

16 04 2012

I’ve eased back on Twitter myself, not entirely sure why but I have. But anyway, yeah, should the blog go private you can have access.

18 04 2012
Rachael Black

Pandora, noticed not many posts from you recently 😦
Gah, know how you both feel. It is becoming such a chore to keep up. If something becomes stressful…. well we all know what happens.
Hope you stick around too.

16 04 2012
Rachael Black

You better hand over the password is you go private; and don’t think that you should. there are a LOT of people out there who need to know that there are others out there sufering the same ravages of our disease. Just had some biatch (a potential new landlord -way cheaper rent) email me to basically say that people on SSD for Disability are lazy scum who need to get out of their ‘trough’ and get back to work. She’s a pharmaceutical rep too. Thought she was cool after our first emails back and forth.

People need education. you give up and I’ll find a way to cyber bitch-slap you babe, I NEED your comments on the YoYo-dyne madness as WELL as your own posts.
Don’t blame you for deleting FuckBook (as I call it). Consider it at least once a week.

Why waste our genius humor -and satric wit- on mostly eeeeediots?
Be well my dear friend.

18 04 2012

You know how to turn me on 😉

Anyway, we’ll see, I mean this blog doesn’t have a HUGE audience so I dunno. But yeah, you can have the password should it be introduced

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