Life Imitating Brian

19 04 2012

Or is it a case of Brian imitating life? Let’s examine this dichotomy shall we?

You may be wondering what the sweet love making fuck I’m on about. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There is, however, mired somewhat in my attempt to make this an interesting post, a point. And that is? Ok, watch this clip.

Now, imagine Brian in that clip was a psychologist. Still applies, and is still funny, to me at least. And yes, at my upcoming assessment I may indeed be thinking “Ee’s makin’ it up as ‘e goes along”




One response

19 04 2012

I’ll give you two. For the next instalment. Please don’t be taken up before then.
Oh, and I’d never imagined you looking like Brian. Photo please. 🙂

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