Advertised Irritation

30 05 2012

Just a little bit of fun for this post… plus a little bit of ranting because I feel in the mood to say things I think but never really get the opportunity to say out loud to other people. I say it out loud to myself but that’s cuz I’m sad n lonely. Anyway…

I watch a lot of TV because I’ve not really got much of a life (or no life) which means that I see quite a few advertisements which isn’t normally a problem but then it also means you get the usual issues of irritating bastard ones. What do I mean? Well, the usual PPI recovery agents are particularly annoying but that’s partially down to the frequency and partially down to the distaste for such companies. There are a few other adverts to annoy me and they have one thing in common – food.

What could be so vexing when advertising food? Quite simple, the sound of eating. Why on earth companies believe we need a grossly exaggerated eating display when advertising their wares is beyond me. In third place for the abominable practise is the current Pringles advert which just is annoying. In second place is an ad, or series of ads which have been in the number one slot for a long time – the Magnum ice cream ads. Sorry, yes the ice cream is tasty, yes it has a crispy shell, however, in all my time nomming this product, at no point has that cracking sound been anywhere near that. In fact, were anyone to experience a similar noise then I would suggest they seek medical attention because it’s damn annoying and not natural for anyone.

So far the ads have centred around my personal hatred of people who cannot keep their mouth shut when eating (yes, these people deserve severe amounts of violence for their heinous crimes), the new number one goes a little different. Why on earth Burger King thought creating an irritating advert with a person who constantly goes “Mmmmmm” throughout the ad would be a good thing is a mystery. The person who approved it needs to take a long look at themselves and wonder if trolling the entire world with a shit ad was a good idea. Thankfully most of the BK outlets in the area have closed so I don’t have to think about avoiding their products, it just happens naturally.

Before we end, I’d just like to have a special mention for the new Muller advert which gets muted just as fast as I can do it. No, this one is not about the open mouthed munchers, more about the voice over provided by Miranda Thingymuhjig. No, I don’t find her funny in the slightest (women can be funny) and her voice strikes the right note to be irritating to me.

Ok, slight rant over and done with and I feel a bit better for it. Might get a bit more serious for the next one.




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